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    I appreciate the well thought out response, I read it all and we agree on a lot. The game surely is plagued with lots of gameplay issues and old issues. Andf maybe you're right, as players none of us are coders or anything like that, so we don't know the whole behind the scenes. But you want to run a game you should listen to the players, if you can't physically fix the problem, address the player base as a whole explaining why it may or may not happen. Not just ghost every forum post related to any issues and just never answer them. I have never seen such a passionate group of players for a game than I have with the WarZ/ISS/NewZ title. I myself want a brighter funnier future for this game. Sadly though I've made countless posts related to many of these issues and I don't think a single mod, admin or anyone ever responded. If yall really care about this game, least make a post directed to the entire community on why all these big breaking issues and gameplay issues can't be fixed or at least tuned. A dedicated community is very important for a game, especially for one like this, you shouldn't just let the community slip away die, this is the last leg for the WarZ/NewZ IP and many many players would love to see it continue and strive, and many many players would come back I can bet.
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