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    HEY DEVS, this is a business world, I know yall would like to make much more money than you're probably getting from this game, how do you do that? BY PUTTING OUT A GOOD PRODUCT PEOPLE WANNA SPEND THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY ON!!!!!!!!! You guys have already put so much work into it, I ain't gonna go into it but yall can go look at all the patch notes and notice how glitch free and hacker free this game is. I appreciate all the work you guys have done and I hate to say it but this game is slowly but surely dying every single day if not already dead. The game has so many other actualy gameplay problems that aren't just glitches an stuff, actual gameplay issues! I know everyone is so against a wipe or big change but at this point the playerbase is so low might as well take the risk and see what happens. This game has such a soft spot in so many peoples hearts but why do none play newz? It has so many gameplay problems that aren't getting fixed. None of them are coming back and the game overall aint gonna be alive much longer or making much to any money at all if the game keeps going at this steady rate. No im not a hater, no im not trash at the game, im just a passionate player whose played since the old warz days, iss, all the emulators till this one. This is the last surviving game with this engine and it has so much potential it just needs help. IF you want this game to be more successful and bring back all the player base with a possible chance, than im telling you from someone who plays this game pretty often, THESE CHANGES NEED TO HAPPEN. PLENTY OTHERS AGREE IF YOU THINK IM JUST RANTING IM SPEAKING FOR THOSE OTHERS AS WELL BUT NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING BECAUSE THEY SAY THE FORUMS ARE DEAD. Clans- put a limit on how many people from a clan can join a server, like 4-5 max and that's it. if anyone else joins put a error message saying they can't join, spread the population amongst the servers u guys pay for to keep open for the public. the huge huge clans are the absolute biggest problem in this game. NO ONE CAN FIGHT A 5+ MAN CLAN WITH SNIPERS SPAWN CAMPING AND KILLING YOU THE SECOND UR SPAWN PROTECTION DIES. IF YOU KILL 1 YOU CANT LOOT THEM AND ITS LIKE STIRRING THE WASPS NEST YOULL BE DEAD SHORTLY AFTER ITS NO FUNNNNNNN!!!! Revive - this makes the huge clans even worse the spawns are absolutely horrible and the facts u can respawn within 45 seconds after death just promotes spawn camping. HOW DO YOU LEAVE UR OWN SPAWN WHEN EVERYONE JUST RESPAWNS UNDER A MINUTE AND KEEPS KILLING EACH OTHER. ITS JUST CONSTANT SPAWN CAMPING EVERYWHERE. SNIPERS/LOOT - If you're gonna fix any problem, fix the other two but my god the snipers in this game is horrible. ONLY BIG CLANS LIKE CONSTANT SNIPER PVP. THERES A PLETHORA OF OTHER GUNS BUT NO ONE EVER USES THEM BECAUSE SNIPERS 1 SHOT EVERYTHING AND SPAWN LIKE CANDY. Clear the snipers, make the new spawns extremely hard to find them and very rare. DOnt' make the entire map fully militarized Listen these are just a few huge major issues, mostly the revive and spawns and clans. But if u want a bigger player base and more profit from this game u need to make these changes, listen to the players I know I aint the only one saying this stuff. Please listen to us devs we're all players who care and want to see this game succeed.
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