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    if it does go back to how it was at iss everyone would migrate to survival
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    I say take down survival and bring back classic infestation
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    For me, survival had a lot of potential at the beginning, but unfortunately I have to say that Survivor Stories did a lot more right than this survivalmode here. - a year ago i asked when gamedollar would finally come into survival, the answer was: never. - Open world servers were accidentally inserted in Survival and there are still people with AWPs and m200 running around because no rollback was made. - There are no riot Shields, which are part of the game. - The crafting system is largely useless, nobody collects 30 individual cartridges in order to craft a stanag. - It takes far too long to complete the skill tree, I was the first one who had hardnened in this mode & can still remember how many thousands of zombies I had to kill for it. - the loottable was unbalanced from the beginnig - zombies that can sprint are part of survival, You almost never die in pve. So all in all I have to say that unfortunately much more went wrong in survival than right and I (one who played a lot of survival) am in favor of this mode being taken offline & snipers in open world should be made as rare as in Survival and we will get together there. Even if it is a shame, because a lot of time and energy has been invested in the mode, you should really consider whether it is still worth working on this mode. The game has 4 different game modes + private server + pvp server + beginner server. The community is just too small for so many different modes & the power you pack in different modes, you could all invest in one. Make Infestation great again
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    I don't know how much this section is looked at these days with survival being at a pretty low playercount and playercount in general dwindling, but I think there have been changes for the better in survival and that the mode has the potential to be alot of fun with some rebalancing especially on the loot. I know that survival is supposed to be the hardcore variant of the WarZ experience and that OW is supposed to be the full on PVP experience, however the way you handeled these two modes you've turned them into both extremes of the spectrum with OW being a deathmatch like constant PvP mode where loot honestly doesn't have any meaningful value whatsoever ( something I don't enjoy to much which is why I stick to survival if anything ) and Survival being very scarce on the loot department, little to do in terms of PVE and a playerbase to small for reliable PvP. We have these 2 modes one being over the top and one being tuned down so much that it gets plain and boring. This is alot of ranting so far but let me say that I love some of the changes you've made so far, like basebuilding and resource gathering or new craftable items that are actually appealing to craft and make use of crafting resources irrelevant prior to their addition. Survival currently has 3 problems: 1. Zombies only serve 1 purpose in survival which is getting XP for your skilltree ... sure they drop cloth,bandages and painkillers as well but let's be honest no one actually needs any of these items all that much, it doesn't feel all that rewarding at the very least. Because of that there isn't really any motivation to bother killing zombies. OW motivates you by giving you game dollar as a reward. 2. The lack of loot. I've honestly looted entire towns and mill bases and found myself not finding anything even remotely useful maybe a single stanag 30 and a pistol or two but it just feels like you're looting way to long to ultimately find next to nothing which makes looting really boring. Unless you get lucky you'll not get any feel of accomplishment out of it which is really demotivating. 3. The lack of PvP. Nobody enjoys playing a "dead" multiplayer game and even though this gamemode isn't dead per se it's not all that populated which in my opinion is atleast to some extend due to the first 2 problems. My suggestions: - Add all "basic" crafting components to the zombie loot pool ( potentially substitute it for the cu rrent pool ) Explanation: With meaningful crafting recipes now being in the game but crafting resources being way to scarce due to 2. this would integrate crafting way more aswell as solve 1. by substituting the reward of game dollars from open world with crafting resources for survival. - Increase the loot in all POIs by quite a bit and increase the amount of crafting resources ( with gunpowder being more common ( explained in crafting recipes suggestions )) Explanation: This is pretty straight forward a solution to 2. while crafting resources will take up the vast majority of loot ( or a split between ammo attachments and crafting resources ) to not oversaturate it with to many guns. - Rework SZ loot pool to mostly drop special for crafting required items like armor plates, heavy armor parts, code locks and juggernaut peaces. Explanation: Unless I'm out of the loop these items are either not obtainable at all or ridiculously rare ( talking about armor parts ) which they don't really have to be since they are ultimately minor upgrades of their way easier to obtain counterparts. Crafting suggestions: - with crafting being way more integrated and people potentially crafting a variety of things all the time I feel like most crafting recipes should take less time since standing afk for half an hour to craft X amount of X item would be really annoying and boring. Basic recipes you are useing in bulk all the time should not be any longer then 1-2 seconds while more exotic items like Heay armors or lockers should maybe take a good 20-30 seconds. - change the ammo crafting recipes to be more heavy on the gunpowder consumption. Explanation: With gunpowder being more common now and metal being used in huge amounts in other crafting recipes and basebulding ammo recipes should require mostly gunpowder to be relevant as a bulk crafting item. example: 10x AR bullet | 5x gunpowder + 2x metal | craft time 1 seconds which means: 30x AR bullet | 15x gunpowder + 6x metal | craft time 3 seconds - craftable empty mags Explanation: With increased priority into crafting the abillity to craft your own ammo and mags seems like a neat addition to the game example: empty stanag 30 | 5x metal | craft time 2 seconds empty stanag 60 | 12x metal + 1x aluminum foil | craft time 5 seconds empty stanag-c mag | 25 metal + 2x aluminum foil | craft time 12 seconds - craftable bandage DX Explanation: Access to craftable higher tier medic with farmed resources example: Bandage DX | 1x Bandage + 1x duct tape + 2x ointment -remove Sand from the loot table and add it as harvestable item ( maybe near beaches if possible ) Explanation: Due to Sand only being used in low tier armor, sandbags and binoculars it is currently pretty much a junk item in the lootpool. By removing it from the general loottable and adding it as harvestable you'll clear the loottable out and still keep Sand for those who wish to craft these items. Costum vests are actually valueable since they can be further crafted into Costums. - potentially rework all recipes that require cloth ( or add harvestable cloth piles ) Explanation: While generally all crafting resources would be easier to come by with these changes cloth would become less common which in turn means that the current requirements for crafting recipes with cloth will most likely be to high. I think that thes changes would make the gamemode alot more fun since it would fix the current lack of feeling any accomplishment or progression in PvE making PvE alot more rewarding. You'd not have to worry as much about having nothing to do if there wasn't any PvP going on and more people having fun just PvEing and playing for the sake of PvE means more player build up and more players lead to more player encounter which leads to more PvP happening.
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    hello survival: the player often gets infected, it's hard to find co1 or co4 or any ingredients. I think there should be more co1, co4 or ingredients for krafting
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    I noticed on the Oregon map there are overall more loot than on Colorado. You can go on a road in Oregon and within minutes you have a large backpack full with different weapons/ammo and food. You can go in Colorado / Rocky Ford - and you rarely find something better than chemical yellow.
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    JKS, it's not just in BR, they cheat EVERYWHERE!! Nothing gets done, nothing of significance anyways. It's sad when players have to CHEAT to be able to play a game!! But that's ok, CHEATING just makes up for their lack of real skill!!
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