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    Hi, I've been playing this game for a long time. I would even call myself an old fart I still love the game. The constant improvements are just great! But the last events have made me register here to criticize the game. In the past I always looked forward to the events. As a family man you don't have the time to play 8 hours a day several times a week. That brings me to the events. The Christmas Event, but also many other events have become ultra extremely time-consuming grinding actions. The last really great event for me was Halloween 2018. Even as a family man you quickly got into the enjoyment of boxes and great skins. Super class! No jumping around, no hardcore grinding like at this Christmas event. This weekend, as a PVE only gamer, my frustration is at its peak. Before Christmas we rented a server with friends, now for 2 months in total. We were especially looking forward to the super zombie part. The loot is improved, yes. But unfortunately to such a small extent that you have to be an expert of the game to notice it. These events should be noticeably fun, otherwise they are pointless. To my last point of criticism: If the loot rate has been changed, then this has been communicated. But if you have to find out with 5 people after 8 hours of playing time that the drop rate of the sniper for the alien zombies has been lowered massively, then it just frustrates. The aliens hardly ever drop snipers anymore. QBZ, Thomson, FN-FAL. All things that noone needs from an Alien. The frustration factor without a private server and without a premium account must be incredibly high. I must have overlooked somewhere that the game is on a crusade against sniper. But they are one of the pillars of the game, no matter if you like them or not. I hope that the Alien Zombies will find their way back to their old loot and that the events will be less hardcore grinding for PVE players like me. Why don't you play 1 or 2 hours rehearsal and ask yourself if this event will bring a smile to your face? Then it's good. And only then. I'm counting on you and hope that you will bring some of the paths you've taken for old PVE fans like me back in the right direction. Thanks a lot for your time! Regards
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