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    Exactly!! Those that had been vocal against this idea are the very same people you see in trade with VET TAGS annoying the living S%@# out of you with " Please Sir, free skins?" "Donate Sir?" "Please Sir I need $$$" BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!! Oh and before anyone defends such behavior... Just bc it isn't against the rules doesn't make it less annoying NOR does it make you look anything less than LAZY when we see VET PLAYERS BEGGING, PATHETIC!!
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    I was just about to mention the amount of VET PLAYERS that would come on with the line... 'I haven't played in a long time. Help me!' I had one actually argue with me saying he was using someone else's account. LAME!!
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    With that Vending Machines you fix scamming,waste time to trade servers, and one lil bit funny reason that personally i think is very annoying: Beggars! "Donate sir!" Lazy players who run in front to your face and dont let you trade with normal players.Is one reason i stop going to trade servers...only in game.
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    You might not believe this as much as I HATE DISCORD I DO FOLLOW IT. SO Not quite. Before the forum ever though up the way to use and abuse players on the atrocity currently known as discord the idea was quite popular on here as a way noobs could make $$$ instead of begging in the trade lounge and so players could thin down inventories without wasting time hanging out in trade or trying to sell crap no one really uses anymore. It could have helped the Devs too if they gave a damn bc players could have cleared inventories down and used up less storage. But hey... what do I know. I have been around a long long time. A lot longer than some think. I remember liberating towns, cooking foods, base building, getting water, growing crops on Aftermath. Honestly @CampersRUs is right... it was one of the best aspects. but seems like other parts are what they want to mimic.
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    Too bad they don't realize that it was one of the best aspects of Aftermath.
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    Okay, where to start?... Let me start by saying, that I'm surprised that "wipe" is even presented on the table, that we are even talking about it lol, - Let me explain why.... First of all, you guys promised at dawn of NewZ, that there will never be a wipe. Ok, initially it was promised on the premises of Open World, before Survival was released, but a promise like that should stick to the game "in-whole", in my opinion. ...... Do you guys remember "why" you made such promises?.... ... Which bring me to second part: LEARN FROM HISTORY! - Any REAL WarZ/Infestation veteran out there KNOWS, that this entire game series has really-really-really BAD history when it comes to WIPE. There's literal statistics out there, that will show, that a wipe has never done what people hoped it would do. I have an entire leagues of old friends/legends/veterans, that still in their heart loves infestation, but won't touch it for very reasonable moral reasons, like they have been forced by devs to start over one too many times, - It's really sad actually. Many people think I'm against a wipe just because I'm the richest guy in all of Survival (at least I think I am). That's not true. In matter of fact, I agree with OP statement on everything... Survival does have too many snipers, and too much valuable loot than it supposed to have, to give that "Classic Infestation feeling". And I will gladly sacrifice 130 of my 150 snipers in my GI for making Survival great again! EVEN THOUGH I have literally spend about a 1000 Euro on my Survival account (converting GC to GD [selling mystery boxes], and trading for Survival loot). Because, NewZ/Survival is my number 1 free time hobby, and I love this game more than my GI. - I know that I technically can't use that as an excuse, as GD for Survival loot is "not supported" my devs, but then at the same time, it doesn't change the fact, that I actually had an INSANE GI in both loot AND snipers even BEFORE I started trading. - And it's honestly not the players fault, that the devs haven't provided any any better trading methods / or Survival currency (speaking of classic iss)... If you think about it, many players who came to Survival, already played OW for a long time, and they technically got PUNISHED for liking Survival more, as all their GD they have been working for, has technically been rendered USELESS. Therefore, I am ALL FOR a global "SCALE-DOWN" of loot, - That would be FAIR to everybody, and given the bad history of wipes, it seems as the most sensible thing to do, rather than literally stealing everything people have been working for. That's my take on it. Peace.
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