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    I can give you an example of what a wipe does to the value of a weapon. Quite some time ago, when anyone acquired a crossbow, you also gained 5 arrows along with it for the loadout. In addition to that, when you found any arrows they also came in a bundle of 5. Then, without warning, the quantity of arrows was wiped and everybody that had arrows lost 80% of their stock. ie: if you had 100 arrows in your inventory, you suddenly ended up with only 20. To further devalue the crossbow, you have to wait between shots to reload an arrow. This made the crossbow even more useless, especially if you were in a hoard of zombies. I tried to address this issue with the developers and all I could get from them was, 'We'll see what we can do to compensate you' which ended up being nothing. Add to that the fact that you only got 1 arrow with any crossbow you found. (There are also exploding arrows, but they have always been a single item. The bad thing about those is their explosive power is more akin to a firecracker than a grenade.) And to address the XMR, it's my theory that, anyone that has more than 2 or 3 has either bought them from other players or used a private server with friends and boosted their way to the required 50 kills for PVP. I might add that boosting is a form of cheating. And as @DNI_Adrian stated, the admins have stated over and over that they will never do another wipe of any kind. My point is, the value of owning a crossbow and actually being able to use it dropped to almost zero. Also, As per what @Katryna247 says, you will all but destroy the economy of the game overall. And those of us that have spent many many hours gathering the stock we have, would get nothing for our hard work. @Darkio and @V A C A N C Y As far as wiping riot shields, here is my take on that. I don't think I would do a complete wipe of those either. What I would suggest however is putting a timer on the placement of them. If you place a shield, you should not be able to rapid fire them so you build a wall. (I had the misfortune of being in an area with another player on the PVE servers that thought it was fun blocking me in with rapid fire riot shields. I say not to wipe them because, if you noticed the last contest that was held, the prize was a personal shield for your particular group. Placing 1 shield should be sufficient. I believe between 1 and 2 minutes would be sufficient. A total wipe would have the same effect as a wipe of snipers. People would leave due to the fact that they had to PAY for the personalized shields. And to address the bunny hopping that goes on in PVP, that is so absurd it's ridiculous. It is one of the main reasons I don't play PVP. It seems that, even on a PVE server, players cannot walk or run from place to place, they can only move around by hopping. I actually blame the game Halo for this phenomena. It's what killed the fun of playing games like Call of Duty. All the players could do was bunny hop all over the place. Just adding my 2¢ to the conversation. Have a Nice Day!!!
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    Darkio I am in agreeance with VACANCY. I have spent numerous hours looting my entire collection of snipers. Now you figure in the new XMR-32 rifles, those are not that easily acquired unless you are buying specialist coins and then buying your sniper. Killing 50 people for the PVP specialist contract may be easy with some weapons but not all. I am a PVE player and we have to kill 5000 zombies to get our specialist coin. So, 10 coins = 1 sniper. Speaking from personal experience I have several, and could not even remotely deal with a sniper wipe that would reduce my personal loot in my GI. Lets also not forget that while I do have an extensive amount of snipers, (none have I bought or traded for). I do sell and trade them for things like skins, which I happen to collect. The XMR-32 currently sells for between 10M - 15M. Can you imagine what a sniper wipe would do to players personal game dollars? They will not compensate us for 'wiped' guns, or anything else of value. When they changed the crossbow arrows from 5 per crossbow to 1 per crossbow, players were never compensated for the loss, no matter how many arrows (the old 5 count) that we had in our GI. While I do feel for the PVP players who constantly want some sort of change with sniping, wiping is just not the answer.
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    While I agree with most of your post, you do realize how many players would leave if another sniper wipe occurred? This was tried and failed once. It has been talked about many times and it is clear it is not in the best interest of the game.
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    Yes, I support a Riot Shield wipe or remove them completely from the game. I'll clarify a little more why I'm really against them and let's take Nato as an example. If you go into any high pop server and you venture near Nato, you will without a doubt get sniped, unless you're quick to react by pulling out your shield too or you can see your attacker before you get sniped. For spawners, it's a Russian Roulette sort of situation. If you spawn outside Nato anywhere on a high pop it's a high risk you take of getting stalked by the person who saw you spawn and getting sniped. A lot of beginners venture into Nato thinking that it will be as safe as it is in PvE. I met so many of them who get caught in the crossfire and they have no idea what is going on. Nato's perimeters offer high spawn points, but that's also where the PvP in Nato takes place. It is rarely inside Nato. Why? Because it's easy for anyone with riot shields and snipers to fight there. But, take away their riot shields and I guarantee they will be forced to squeeze in behind trees or rocks for cover, or venture into Nato base and use whatever they find as cover instead. At the same time, you'r challenging them. There are zombies everywhere inside Nato. 1 Zombie running towards a man could alert another of his enemy's position thus the person behind cover will have to move to another spot, unless he's brave enough to stay put, despite knowing that he's position was given away, and take on whoever knows where he's now hiding. But outside Nato, nobody needs to worry about zombies. Same for Boulder city. Nobody really fights inside the city. Same with Norad, nobody really fights inside Norad. It's become that snipers hide behind riot shields and camp spawn points as well because they have enough cover to do it. You can't deploy trees to take cover behind them, but you can deploy 20+ shields if you want. I've seen a bambi spawn with a handgun. Guy saw an enemy with a sniper and he took cover behind the tree. He was rushed by the sniper who closed in on him until he killed him because the sniper guy had the shields and used them to get close to the bambi. But in a situation where the riot shields were non-existent, the sniper guy would have been: 1) forced to use trees for cover as well for a fair fight 2) stay in his sniper position and wait for the bambi to come out from behind the tree, 3) use a rifle and rush the bambi. Either way, the bambi still has a chance to fight back since he could still use stamina and jumping to his advantage to dodge enemy sniper shots and take cover behind the next object until he gets out of sight. So why is PvP taking place in the outskirts of towns and cities when it should take place inside? So that the perimeters of a town or city could be somewhat safe for others who are passing by or coming in.
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    While I agree with sooo much of your post @Darkio , I have not only read from the other players but the devs about NEVER doing another wipe, I was not a player when that happened, but I have talked to sooo many who were. A huge chunk of the players left in anger over it. I don't think the devs are willing to put the players through that again,,, especially as is my understanding they were told it wouldn't happen again. ( If my memory serves me right anyway) . I think the devs gave up on macros... I really do. I do get where youre coming from though,,, honest players who don't camp, macro, snipe every bambi in site are very difficult to build. And they wonder about my disdain for PVP...….
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    Hey community, In celebration of the Supercup 2019 that came to close this past Sunday, we are adding the shields of the Champions, Runner-ups and Third Places on sale for a limited time! You can get the champion's shield (GOSU) with 50% Discount, the runner-up's (B oS) with 40% Discount and the third place's (RR) with a 30% Discount. Here you can check the score of every single match and also the player with the most kills, fastest matches etc. https://playnewz.com/supercup Now celebrate this great cup and we will see you on the next Supercup! //The New Z Staff
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    I have several XMR myself . While they are somewhat difficult to acquire, use the right contracts on private servers and they are not as difficult as one might think. If I really put some effort into it I COULD get one in a bit over a week with ZERO CHEATING required,. There's a reason I love my private server... I have 3/4 of the coins needed toward my next xmr. Sadly since the ammo is so rare it will be a long time til they are really useful at all.
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    Even though I do not play PVP this bunny hopping is redundant at best! If players only knew how much easier it is for someone to spot you bunny hopping everywhere. Yes it does make you a harder target, but also a much more noticeable one as well. There is absolutely NO need for this behavior in the trade lounge. NO ONE can harm you there. It not only makes trading with someone hard, but it makes you dizzy as well watching everyone hop around like mad jackrabbits for no good reason!!
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    They could easily add a timer, put a cool down timer on riots just like meds, DX ect. that could in theory help that. As for the bunny hopping, they COULD stop it if they wanted. Right now, only high jumping expends energy, but IF they made bunny hopping expend energy as well... Im sure that you would see far lees of it unless someone was being shot at... Just imho.
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    What I find even more ridiculous is the bunny hopping about as they just move from point A to point B in trade lounge, LOL!! I mean, for real man, there is not a safer place in the entire game. That bunny suit , bunny head, or those bunny ears should be really popular considering LMAO!! Bunnies EVERYWHERE!!
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    Again you took the words right out of my mouth as it pertains to the pvp related aspect of the game, anyone who pvps just for a little especially in high pop servers in the well known populated areas know its very rare to find the amount of people there actually pvping in the respective town/area. They're just all sitting at spawns and spawn camping with a platoon of riot shields around them. Though I never mentioned it as first you really have changed my perspective to where maybe snipers wouldn't be as bad of an issue if there was no riot shields or even a 1 min or 30 second or so timer in between placing them. I am not too sure if the devs are really okay with this riot shield base on spawns and spawn camping type pvp that occurs around nato and ridgeway and clearview and bolder/etc. I think the devs should have acted on this a while ago and try to put an end to this type of gameplay which is just dumb. Again if the devs are gonna do anything to try and fix the style of pvp currently read this here response and it pretty much summarizes why its so bad. I don't think I have ever seen the XMR rifle but it surely sounds hard to obtain that's for sure. I do completely understand where you're coming from. I myself do pve from time to time but I do try to obtain my loot more from pvp rather than pve. Since you pve very often, do you have an opinion on the current state of snipers and how they plague pvp especially in open world or it doesn't really concern you? I am curious if you do have an alternative in your mind or if the game is just too far gone for a type of alternative to attempt to fix the issue.
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    +1 skin system for riot shields. However, at this moment there is other things we should be doing. But still would like to make a skin system for shields one day.. XD
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    Many of your suggestions are very promising. We will take these points into account for future development, thank you!
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    Hello my name is virtux i am from indonesia / south east asia I am looking some people to play together with me.
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    I just wanna first off say that your response here is amazing and I couldn't agree more with everything you literally just said. And to point out any moderator/developer/player who would further respond to this post do please read this here response as it piggy backs what I did not say and also I do feel so myself about the current state of pvp and the game. I do wanna add though as I didn't include it that I agree, Riot shields are a plague to this game and this so called "Fun pvp" with the bunny hoping riot shielders is nonsense, its just stupid. A entire riot shield wipe to be quite frank or even removal of them completely would probably even change pvp so much. Even with the over excessive amount of snipers and I do think devs should defiantly look into doing that. And I agree no disrespect to the devs but its true as they took the responsibility of this game when they took the mantle so they should constantly be trying to find new ways to make it fun for pvpers and pveers alike.
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    Well since we're speaking of PvP and you're asking my opinion @Darkio I'll tell you what I think. I HATE the PvP we have today. I'm old school and I love me some PvE here and some PvP there. I am NOT a fan of seeing everyone on a map camping the same spot on the map bunny hoping with riot shields and sniping everyone on sight and call that 'fun PvP'. If anything I find that extremely boring. I must be one of the few PvPers who are sitting in PvE now waiting for Devs to do something about Open World. Yes, I agree that people have crazy amount of snipers but I don't like the idea of wiping snipers simply because it took me since 2016 to amass the VSS Vintorez collection I have now, and legitimately so. I don't want to type the name of the Black Market here, but people sell this shit for real life money through paypal and it's been like this since the days of WarZ. Wiping snipers might make it fun for PvE-ers maybe to start looting all over again and trade them, but I know how PvPers work and I know that a lot of them wouldn't mind spending 5 dollars on 50 AWPs or M200s, or M107s and just a dollar extra on VSS. And that's what worries me. You ask about my point of view what I feel which steps would I take to better the PvP and sniper gameplay. Well I'll say it again, rid them off those goddamn riot shields. Beginners and other players lurking Open World with the intention to make friends and 'survive' together stand no chance against experienced players who spawn each round with 30+ riot shields. Go up to any of them with a handgun or a rifle and they will hide behind a riot shield. I don't care if snipers need cover, but those riot shields make a fight very unfair for a beginner against highly experienced snipers. And add more zombies. Why are we playing a 'zombie' survival when the zombies only spawn in towns, bases or cities, and why are they so badly scripted? Perhaps they need to make them faster and spawn faster around hot zones, like Norad, Boulder etc. And when I say 'faster spawning for zombies' I mean it. I mean they're the devs and they took responsibility when they picked up Infestation. Why must it always be the players who try to guide them in the right direction when it is their job to figure out new ways to make Infestation equally fun for PvPers and PvPers alike. Survival Mode is the only thing left of what used to be a really good game before the old devs screwed it. And right now it's dead and yet two weekends in a row they give Survival events when Open World has no event really except for that double GD event. So yes, I'm utterly bored as a PvPer and I'm not a fan of KOS random people and when I want to use my guns I head to Nato and Boulder and no guilt fight other players who are there to kill back, but this shit is getting old, very old, and it's not because of sniper rifles. Edit: Also Escape from Tarkov is a Battle Royal. Wipes are good for that genre. Not a survival genre that is called Infestation NewZ unfortunately. Not this game that has nothing else to offer.
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    Agree. I was going to reply to that thread after finally seeing Sven posted. I thought 'oh finally someone who wanted to actually converse about the events' then next thing I see thread is locked. I mean you guys want to hear our opinions so that we can as players help communicate what other people want and it's much more fruitful when one of you guys is actually having a back and forth conversation with us.
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    Another wipe and I'm quitting the game. I spent time looting my own snipers. Never traded or bought them from others. And I have friends who aren't too good at the game but they spent time too looting their collection of snipers. Another wipe means boosting the Black Market website economy since people buy things with real money there too. It's an unfair advantage. PvP players will end up with a lot of snipers withing 24 hours time and the friends I have who PvE and casually PvP to defend themselves have to loot that shit all over again. We spent nights playing together to get our favorite snipers and we hop onto the PvP mode so they could train their aim. Wipe GI or snipers and we're done.
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    ATTENTION EVERYONE Stream Starting Soon https://www.twitch.tv/ofctb Patch 2.33 HYPE!! Drops Enabled @infestationnewz @StreamElements @Retweet_Twitch @TwitchTVOnline @fredaikis @TwitchReTweets @TwitchRetweetsU @xidaxpcs @msitweets @msiUSA @ThatTechShopRT
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    The money would come in even further if they allowed pve at least on the premium servers and starting fixing stuff that would bring a huge amount of playerbase back for a dying game and players would feel like they got there money’s worth and keep subscribing.
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    @Lauchboy Sooooo Failure to launch, why are you still here? Not one original thought of your own , just memes or links...TROLL on TROLL!
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    I couldn't agree more @DNI_Adrian. All poor little @Lauchboy is doing is trying to get some kind of reward from Steve. He's nothing more than a suck-up. Better watch out though, he may post another one of his childish pictures instead of saying what is on his mind. We are stating facts. I did the same experiment that @Katryna247 did and came up with the same result. 50 xp and 0 GD. (I stopped paying for an extreme account a few months ago and only have a standard one now. Also, since that fiasco known as The Easter Event stopped me from playing on a paid private server, I won't ever buy another private server. I still haven't gotten an answer as to why I got the message 'Sorry, There are no servers available in this area'. There weren't even that many servers taken.) I consider it wasted money. Keep supporting your little friend Steve. If things continue the way they are going, He's going to be one of the few players left. BTW @Lauchboy, Your use of sexual innuendo to make a point is surely a sign of your lack of an education.
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    I am not sure what game you are playing, but "yes every single zombie is dropping money," is NOT TRUE. I sniped a few zombies one at a time, and a few of them ONLY dropped 100 EXP! NO MONEY what-so-ever!! I watched and made sure, I also checked my GD balance before and after each and every single shot because I wanted to make sure before I got on here protesting. EVERY SINGLE zombie is NOT dropping money! Even "if" they were, and it "just is not visible in the pop-up" it still should register in my GD balance. No such luck! This whole 'double GD event' is a bunch of BS! Why pay to have premium account (I won't be doing that again!), or even rent a private server (I don't know if I will doing this again either!) when events like these get hyped up and turn out to be a bunch crap. If you asked me, the devs owe everyone a LOT of money, especially if they are saying that ALL zombies ARE dropping money, when they clearly are not!!
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    Hello. I was on the map and it is amazing. I wanted to ask two things: I dont get exactly when the map is out in survival. When it is out there? Are later on the maps smaller citys and farms? Now I think there too much miltary bases and big cities. I miss little cities and farms where you can "chill". Would be nice if some would be on the map. Maybe a area with only farms like in the east and colorado v2.
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    @Sven you should design an aerial vehicle like helicopter in this huge map (just a suggestion)
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    Ohh man I'm so nervous! :))
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    We are doing everything we can to get it done ASAP.
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