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    I dont think so, there is more players playing open world then other game mode i think
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    sugestion maybe have an unskin all and empty all buttons or stack all for ammo on global inv because it gets a pain taking hours to manually stack all them together. so adding some buttons like those so people could easily manage inventory for easy use of global rather than having everything spread out. so a un-skin all for all for guns melee and armor and a stack all button in ammo so it all stacks to 1 box
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    And for those of us who only play PVE? What then? By only focusing on Survival, Battle Royal, and Competative, this leaves nothing for those who play PVE. The Community is NOT splitted way too much, there are just more people that have different views than you do.
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    Good montage !
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    Nice! I really like the SmallVillePVP tho
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    Good, i think that GI needs improvements too
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    That was fast , thanks for the answer. Then i guess i can say that there will be a couple of new players coming in the next few days .
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