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    Tuesday's stream 91 Valentine Box opening ATTENTION EVERYONE Sunday's Stream Starting Soon https://www.twitch.tv/ofctb Patch 2.29 HYPE!! Drops Enabled @infestationnewz @StreamElements @Retweet_Twitch @TwitchTVOnline @fredaikis @TwitchReTweets @TwitchRetweetsU @xidaxpcs @msitweets @msiUSA @ThatTechShop
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    Remove that or I'll contact YouTube by myself. You do not have any permission on my videos, neither being able to take them down. I used 5 seconds of your clip, which is allowed in the Fair-Use Paragraph.
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    Aproveitando, (e desenterrando) ao invés de todo esse trabalho poderiam tornar visível o quanto de XP o personagem tem. Creio que custe muito menos para desenvolver e para o servidor. Se esse número estiver na tela creio que o XP dado por cada zombie não precisaria aparecer sempre.
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    Yes, we already had experiences with deleted DX, snipers and everything else that made the game lose players. But the game's internal economy does no more exist. Small changes making the loot rare on some specific items would automatically put the players' interest in the game, not only by PVP, but by IG. Eliminating some items from the market would be interesting as well and keep them only in drop. See the sniper silencer. "Rare" item, if you kill someone using, you will got to the loot to get this item and ignore Kstyle, Heavy, BP, and others. Maybe catch DX and riot. The level of items available at the moment is ridiculous. You can literally throw all the guns off and keep only the snipers. 99% of the game items are useless and the other 1% are all the same. cars before were rare and well-traded items. Today they are not worth anything. Drugs are only used DX and medkit. Bandage, pain killer and antibiotic are useless. There is no difference in cooling time. and snipers rifle are the same at all. Headshot kill, body no makes diference, the target will use DX and are OK. We don't have a "AWP one hit" or goldem bullet to make THE DIFFERENCE anymore.
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    Yeah sure, why not split the shrinking playerbase even further. Btw. I want my "Ridgeway Airport v2 only" Server as soon as possible, too
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