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    and i wand the super-fart that makes me jump on rooftops
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    Id love to see that what you stated arrowsky, but some more stuff that might not be bad. A decrease in different maps in the official server would be a good addition. Instead of having 3 different maps only having 2. A change of lighting on V1 would also be good. It is very redish. As recommendation this lighting could be used : Adding different terrain, textures and plants would be a cool thing to see on V1. On top of that making the new high end melees one hit to zombies. Otherwise there is no use for them. Other than that I cant wait for the survival content within the next patch.
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    BTW i think it would make sense to make it possible to gear up your character once you died. That way you can fill the useless time until you are able to respawn
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    i would prefer 3 minutes for premium & 6 minutes for normal player. BECAUSE!!!! - when you die as a premium player, you can watch the deadscreen 50 Seconds and after the Screen ends, you have only 1:30minutes left to respawn. Thats honestly way to fast for rejoining.
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