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    Dear Community Are you ready? We are very excited to announce this Weekend Event. Start: February 1, 2019 12:00 PM (MEZ) End: February 4, 2019 12:00 PM (MEZ) Now, let's jump into further details: Lounge PVP The special PVP version of our current Lounge will be available during this event. You can find these servers on Open World game mode and then PVP server section. Double XP You will earn the double amount of XP during this event. This will be available for Open World and Survival. Basic Characters You will have a chance to buy 3 of our original basic characters for Game Dollars (GD). Rebel without a Cause Ex Spetsnaz Average Joe 10% Discount on the Premium Subscription During this event you will be able to get a Premium subscription with a discount of 10% through https://playnewz.com/buygc This discount is only for the first month. The second one will have the normal costs. Only available on https://playnewz.com/buygc Weekend Event Sale Special weekend event sale is also active during this time. Check the picture below for more information. We would also like to remind players if they experience any issues regarding the game to please contact us. Official Support: https://playnewz.com/support Twitch Drops: https://playnewz.com/drops Partnership Program: https://playnewz.com/partners Last Patch Notes/News: https://playnewz.com/news Feedback: https://playnewz.com/feedback The entire staff team wishes everyone a great weekend! // The New Z - Staff Team
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    Finally Kero can make full skilltree in Survival.
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    The times are getting increased on the next patch, this is already planned. I will forward your feedback about the crafting.
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    ÉVÉNEMENT DE FIN DE SEMAINE! Chère communauté Es-tu prêt? Nous sommes très heureux d’annoncer cet événement du week-end. Début: 1er février 2019 à 12h00 (MEZ) Fin: 4 février 2019 12:00 (MEZ) Maintenant, passons aux autres détails: Lounge PVP La version spéciale PVP de notre salon actuel sera disponible pendant cet événement. Vous pouvez trouver ces serveurs sur le mode de jeu Open World, puis sur la section Serveur PVP. Double XP Vous gagnerez le double d'XP lors de cet événement. Ce sera disponible pour Open World et Survival. Caractères de base Vous aurez l'occasion d'acheter 3 de nos personnages de base originaux pour Game Dollars (GD). Ex Cage Fighter chasseur Rebelle sans cause 10% de réduction sur l'abonnement Premium Pendant cet événement, vous pourrez obtenir un abonnement Premium avec une remise de 10% via https://playnewz.com/buygc Cette réduction est seulement pour le premier mois. Le second aura les coûts normaux. Uniquement disponible sur https://playnewz.com/buygc Solde de fin de semaine La vente spéciale de week-end est également active pendant cette période. Vérifiez l'image ci-dessous pour plus d'informations. Nous aimerions également rappeler aux joueurs s’ils rencontrent des problèmes avec le jeu de bien vouloir nous contacter . Assistance officielle: https://playnewz.com/support Twitch Drops: https://playnewz.com/drops Programme de partenariat: https://playnewz.com/partners Dernières notes de correction / actualités: https://playnewz.com/news Commentaires: https://playnewz.com/feedback Toute l'équipe du personnel souhaite à tous un bon week-end! // The New Z - Équipe du personnel Auteur Steve Ecke Publié le 31 janvier 2019 Publié dans Annonces Vues: 83 Discutez sur les forums .
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    Had some free time during winter break so I decided to make a montage. Enjoy
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    Leave the fighting each other in this thread. We are talking about the revive timer and not an explanation why someone died.
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    3 mins for premium, 5 mins for the normal players + maybe instant revive for the gc like it was in iss(?)
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    BTW i think it would make sense to make it possible to gear up your character once you died. That way you can fill the useless time until you are able to respawn
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    Leave it the way it is is my oppinion. If you want more players to buy account subscriptions you could think about lowering the timer for deluxe/extreme users. 5 mins for premium is already pretty low. It shouldnt turn too much into open world and leave some survival factor to that mode
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    3 mins will be ok but please put cooldowns on spawn zones so one one will spawn with you and spawn camping wont be such a big deal anymore.
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    will be cool and if the xp for hardenet its not like in open world 150k its much i think !!!
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    I vote NO. If you are killed by zombies, you return in 5 minutes and all your stuff is there so you grab it again. After a 10 minutes wait it isn`t so you start again with nothing and travel around the map to collect items (wich is one of the goals of survival). By the way, since last update there are less super zombies in airport of oregon, Survival mode. Was that on purpose?
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