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    Dear Community, As you can see is that some things have changed in the Infestation: The New Z section. I have fixed some things but most importantly is that there now is a dedicated "Feedback" section for the game. This was very much needed since there has never really been one direct place for players to leave feedback about the game. We hope this makes it easier for players to leave feedback about New Z while at the same time we hope to also receive even more feedback so that we can use that to keep improving the game. Just a quick update. From now on when we do changes to the forums we will post a little explanation in this section. Best Regards, Sven
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    Just found an old screenshot from the survival server polulation a few months ago. server pop from back when i played: https://imgur.com/a/RqAGkOa This was before the dev-team impletement this to survival mode : --> private servers --> lockboxes --> bus stops --> increased loot --> opened up 3 different maps for a very small community that split the player base even more --> increased group from 3 players to 5 Even the US Server 01 allways had like 20-50 people on it. you could find pvp at many places ( mountain crest , campos , clearview , boulder , airport ) miss those days. I know survival is having a small comeback right now but thats mainly because it gets more and more like open world so some clans come over. at some point there will be no difference anymore. just sayin. miss the old days but they will never return.
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