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    We all know, V1 has always been and always will be better than V2. Besides the map being lighter, giving us a good FPS, it has the greenest and most beautiful graphics, much more zombies, better areas for pvp and farm, not to mention the wonderful nostalgia that will be!
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    So devs I think it speaks for it self so can we have v1 or not just 1 server plx. Would be nice for the next season grind
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    Please, bring back V1 as an option for us, but keep V2 available, and also please keep Oregon available as well. I think it just makes sense to have a few options. I loved V1 forever ago, V2 is great but V1 would bring back the nostalgia. Having the options to choose between V1 and V2 (since all I play is survival mode) would be really neat.
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    It is Old but still looks better than Oregon/V2 and will be good for small community of survival.
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    Thank you for your constructive feedback!
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    v1 may work better due to smaller map size, but what I really want is to start seeing oregon servers with 10-25 players (and not just that ONE server where all of the high reps are pvp'ing). It's a fantastic map to play for survival (besides the lack of safe zones), but with only 3-6 players it might as well be a private server.
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    Bonjour. Dans mon jeu, énormément de zombies sont des ghots et passent à travers les murs, les tentes, les barrières, les sacs de sable. Quelle est cette folie? une mise à jour est nécessaire, merci!
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    We do not support or condone these types of trades, if you wish to proceed you do so at your own risk and if something goes wrong we cannot assist you.
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