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    As if not enough the loot is already easy now in survival, they still launch an experimental map where you find many snipers and items. Regretful of what survival has become. In thinking that in the beginning, there were many veresk, p90. Today, there are only sigs, imis, reds, snipers! Please do not let the essence of survival die.
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    Dear DEVS. You added Oregon servers yesterday and also added bugged FAC 2.0 and made seasonal ladderboards.Everything would be great..except its not and here is why. 1.ALL servers are dead because for ultra low survival player base u added 3 more servers and now community is spreaded and THERE IS NO PVP on sa/eu/us. 2.FAC is kicing ppl for no reason. 3.Something has been done with the servers.Before me,my team and everyone was able to play on hk servers with no problems (from eu,sa,us) and now EVERYONE is getting kicked form these/banned/lagged or killed with single bullet. SO coming to a conclusion.HOW DO YOU EXCEPT PLAYERS TO GET RANK 1-3 WHEN ITS ONLY POSSIBLE FOR THAILAND PPL?It triggers me so much since normaly i would grind 24/7 but now i just dont have where.You need to remove 1/2 of the servers asap or players will get triggered and will leave.AAnd the funniest thing is that you knew this would happen.And yet you still made these changes.You said "we know survival player base is too small so we will be decreasing servers" and then yo uadded 3 more!Great! - thats how i see it and no ofense.Im just rly triggered.Because its not fair when only thai ppl have chance to win something. 1.Fix servers. 2.Remove servers. Just compare ladderboards form last weeks and you will see the difference.
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    +1 the loot is OP, and I think the drop rate of rare items is too high for survival mode
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    Hello everyone! Since I ran out of cars I thought it would be a good idea to make a spawn location guide since I have not found one. Currently I am working, adding new spawns and images to make find cars more easily. As far as I know, there are currently only 10 cars spawned on the private servers at a time and it is good to have a private server. I inform you that I am going to add as many spawns as I find, if you know a spawn location then comment this topic and if you can take a pic, where the car spawns exactly it would be also helpful. Spawn map: Photos of verified spawns: Rocky Ford Parkerville Oak Mountain Rest Stop Clearview Smallville Campos City 1 Campos City 2 Fallsdale Whitestone Mountain Pleasant Valley Rotten Valley Ridgeway Airport 1 Ridgeway Airport 2 Camp Splinter Norad Military Base Glenwood Springs Frosty Pines Blue Ridge Boulder City 1 Castle Pine Sleepy Crest Superior Junction text in green signatures frequent spawn of cars
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    Hey! This issue should have been fixed. If it happens again, can you please contact me directly or make a support ticket at https://playnewz.com/support.php/ explaining how, when it happened? Best Regards, Sven
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    hello everybody I'll be doing a tournament on 7/21 The Event will be done in Event Map 5vs5 in matches MD3 E The final will be md5 Registration: 5m per team Supercopa Rules To register your team, just comment here or call me at PM Remembering that I will not be gaining anything with this event all the gd arrecada will be for the winning teams Traduçao PTBR : olá pessoal eu vou estar fazendo um torneio em 21/07 O Evento será feito no Mapa de Eventos 5vs5 nas partidas MD3 E A final será md5 Inscrição: 5m por time Regras da Supercop Para cadastrar sua equipe, basta comentar aqui ou falar no PM Lembrando que eu não vou estar ganhando nada com esse evento todo o gd arrecado será para as equipes vencedoras. Equipment Stanags 30 ONLY. Custom Guerilla + Kstyle ONLY. Bandages DX ONLY. Limited to ONE sniper per team (Mauser/Blaser/SVD) 4 AR players (Sig Sauer 556/Imi-Tar-21/Steyr Aug) Teams may choose NOT to use a sniper 5x Riot Shield per player Attachments allowed. (Except Rifle Flashlight and Pistol Flashlight) 2x Grenades per player (it can be any combination, limited to two TOTAL) Secondary weapon ONLY for Snipers. (B93R)Stanags 30 ONLY. Custom Guerilla + Kstyle ONLY. Bandages DX ONLY. Limited to ONE sniper per team (Mauser/Blaser/SVD) 4 AR players (Sig Sauer 556/Imi-Tar-21/Steyr Aug) Teams may choose NOT to use a sniper 5x Riot Shield per player Attachments allowed. (Except Rifle Flashlight and Pistol Flashlight) 2x Grenades per player (it can be any combination, limited to two TOTAL) Secondary weapon ONLY for Snipers. (B93R)
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    ^ This. We need 1 or max 2 Oregon servers.
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    Ok... So I'm just gonna go ahead and talk for EVERYBODY... You guys said that you're doing this based on community feedback... Well, maybe you guys should check the feedback again, because this is not "exactly" what we asked for. We wanted less "Oregon" servers, not less Colorado servers! WTF IS THIS?!
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    Hello all survival community Good idea adding new map to survival, but decrease loot spawn rate in Оregon map, for Survival Mode so much loot ( for example military backpack has simple spawn). DONT TRANSFORM SURVIVAL MODE TO OPEN WORLD !!!! I T S S U R V I V A L ! i hoppe the survival community has support my opinion
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    I agree, the new map is great but the drop is too good for survival, it's looking like open world, people found a lot of snipers, please decrease the drops or survival mode will die!
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    All right it's Saturday so lets see if the minor fix's helped. ATTENTION EVERYONE !!!!!!!! Stream Starting Soon https://www.twitch.tv/ofctb OREGON Map Is Live and Going, Drops Activated, Some BR and other info Come Get Some !!! @infestationnewz @StreamElements @StreamersCon @TwitchTV_ @Lachhh @ZoneGG @fredaikis
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    I could not agree more!!!
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    +1 ... Make 1 Oregon server on each region only pl0x!
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    Here's an update for patch 2.19. @Fredaikis @Silenterror @Sven @Fannti @kazmightONFIRE @HEARTBREAKER While playing I have noticed a major reduction in the zombie population across the map. I will point out one in particular that a lot of players like to go to for xp and loot. Norad. I do like the changes that were made to the map. eg: the chopper on the helipad and opening up the enclosed buildings. HOWEVER, The zombie population is about 2% of what it once was. I spent about an hour and only encountered 6 zombies. In this time frame, under other conditions, they would respawn a lot better. It took about 15 min before I saw the first one. Norad was the home of 2 Super Zombies. They have vanished COMPLETELY. While playing I also noticed in the text chat that others were noticing the definite reduction of the zombie population. As you know, I play on Colorado V2 PVE Server US. The lack of zombies to kill on a PVE server is unacceptable and should be addressed immediately. Afterall, you are trying to attract new players, not alienate the community that is already dedicated to playing this game. Hope you ALL Have a Nice rest of your Weekend!!!
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    +1 thing like this should be under closed tests before release otherwise these cna destroy survival forever
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    please do not damage our game mode survival is very similar to open world, we need to download the spaw of items appear too many all over the map and lower the drops to snipers that is extremely difficult to find, I found 4 snipers 2 militarys 4 alice download the drops please thank you very much.
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    English mr N R G
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    Due to community feedbacks, we decided to rework the PVP Servers List. With that being said, we brought back the lastest version of RockyFord PVP Map. We also decreased the amount of RockyFord V1 servers. We also removed the lastest version of Springvalley for the V1 Version, for this weekend only. Have fun!
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    After playing several hours after the new patch I have encountered a few issues. 1.) Driving vehicles does not seem to have improved except for using the S key for brakes/reverse. This was a major improvement. Otherwise, driving in general seems to be the same with several of the autos still being very difficult to steer. 2.) On the Colorado Vl servers, at Ridgeway Airport, on the fire truck in the middle near the super zombie; the loot normally is medical; however since the patch it seems that binoculars and range finders are spawning instead of meds. I have also noticed this in other places at the airport where meds should spawn. 3.) The weapons re-work of the FN-FAL was AMAZING, but with the new stats, it should be considered an AR not a sniper. Snpier rifles should NOT have a fully automatic feature. 4.) Playing several different Open World servers it seems that there is now a general lack of zombies. Not sure if this had to do with the patch or not, but it was not like this until after the patch. Looking forward to playing and discovering more... Thanks for your hard work on the new patch!
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    +1 its too op r now
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    Prison zone 7 l85 , 9 alice , 18rpk, 6 military backpack..... dont transform pls survival in to open world i think to survival mode sufficient 1-2 server oregon
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    Why did you add even more loot?Well, I understand the variety, etc.But why even more weapons?Now the guns lies literally on every corner. Sometimes even in one place lie three. Problems with some loot points. -This survival in which it is impossible to die from hunger and thirst ... -It's survival in which it is impossible to die from bleeding, because bandages and painkillers ones drop from almost every zombie. -WHY DID YOU ADD THE MOVEMENT ON MAP?????This is just a very unnecessary and terrible thing,because anyone can immediately move to the safe zone or to another city.Remove this PLEASE!!! -I repeat that there are a lot of weapons and food and medicines. -NOW I ALREADY REALLY DO NOT SEE THE DIFFERENCE FROM THE OPEN WORLD.Now even rare weapons will spawn everywhere !! Yesterday, I even found FN M249, FAMAS, Night stalker, Masada, guirella, K style NVG, a lot of Evo-3, Fn P90S and regular p90's at once in one place...I'm terribly disappointed.. I'm very happy to see the new map and I admire it, but what happens to the loot and the rest makes me sad(( Thank you for attention)
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