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    How to play newz: -Go to not-limited ping server -Get killed behind tree/riot/wall or w/e -Go to ping-limited server -get bored because theres nobody there -quit
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    Saul Goodman: As above, Its ruining the experience people running around with 300+ ping they have the advantage every time,something has to be done. Not my connection I have 12ms ping. They just kill you before the fire sound has even finished ,half the time you dont even see them peak the shield using AR its a joke tbh,i know its not just me complaining about this issue too,People will start to just give up,server numbers/players are already dropping as it is. Now I know a lot of countries don't have the best internet like Thailand for example, but they know this and blatantly exploit their lag to their advantage. LinvuS: Im LinvuS, leader of Felovšip clan and ex member of clan named 'Balkan Devil Fanclub [BDFC], leader: Balkan Devil' Before everything: 4 friends and i joined BDFC which was one of the biggest EU clans year ago because everyone from that clan spoke our native language. BDFC Clan counted over 15 active members and probably 15-20 more players that weren't that active but still played and enjoyed the game. With NewZ coming to steam everything went downhill and BDFC members slowly started to leave the game and switched to PUBG, Fortnite and Owerwatch because they were much more optimised, werent thai2win and developers actually listened to community (We asked dozens of times for our personal clan skins and we had 3 times more requirements and our own ideas/projects which you only should have implemented, nobody from dev team cared and you never reached out to us. 1 year later EVERY former member of BDFC gave up on game and we, the remaining players started mainly to play under our own clan tag and kept adding new members to our clan. Today, Felovšip clan counts 7 active players and 10 more players that are not so active but are keeping up with everything that is happening to NewZ. In last 2 months i reached out to forums and wrote everything that is wrong with newz and tried to help as much as i can (Watched and discussed every Svens Q&A, watched every progress on making of new map and still kept giving out ideas) Sorry to say, i think everything i've done and tried led to nothing, NewZ is in horrific state, its literally no more than 10 days away from officially dead game! With Ice-X, typeforced and Solatens Complete giving up on game we've decided to stop playing too. We are not uninstalling yet but we are not playing the game until you start reading what people have to say: **Community asked thousands of times for all of EU servers to be ping limited and its like you are not even reading. **We do not want nor need new GC skins and we are not spending money on it. **We totally arent hyped for the new map, it sucks, its not optimized and it will take months to optimize it, and on top of it there are no enough players to cover such a huge map. Why is it so hard for you to understand that you are running out of players. There is not enough players to cover everything on Coloradov2 and you're making new map 3 times bigger. REMEMBER that upon steam release newz did have enough players so every spot on coloradov2 on every server had players. **We want 50% off from current prices when it comes to everything (For open world), move current currency to survival because it started to feel like its survival on official servers. (Year ago killing 4 SZ-ombies on official server was guarantee 3-4 snipers and today you are lucky if you get 1 sniper ON PRIVATE SERVER). NOTE that this is not for us but for new players, people are leaving because what the fuck will they actually do, they are helpless. Its like if you started playing League of Legends and get automatically thrown into challenger division, thats what it feels like playing like New player? **More communication with players, what happened with Q&As and featured streams all of a sudden. Trust me, nobody is watching your clan tournaments, all the numbers (10-20 people watching) are actually bambies farming twitch boxes. **Twitch/Youtubers are not getting enough attention. How on earth you think i can get 1000 subs on YT channel while im uploading videos of a game that has community of 50 people that speak english and understand me? And trust me nobody wants to watch my funny compilations because only thing thats FUNNY (not) is people killing me through walls/riots etc. Yes, it became so funny its sad actually. **Bring back beginner servers and completely remove re-spawn system!!!! **If you want more opinions feel free to open General discussion in your sweet forum and read what are players writing to you. Im not writing this again but it would be smart to move larger cities like Boulder/Campos/Nato/Clearview to PVP servers. Because finding people (NOT THAIS) on open world is really rare thing these days. If nothing is done in 7 days we are willing to give our stuff to new players so if there is ANY on this forum feel free to reach me out. Now for the last part, this is something really sensitive and that keeps bumping into my head every now and then. How is game, that is 7+ years old making my CPU so overheated and makes the fans of my pc go on 100% every time i run the game? Do you guys think that MAYBE they are using our PC CPUs for mining bitcoins? [FVSP] LinvuS, hours played: 1212 - Peace out NAJENDA: You should do something about those little laggers and please don't tell me that they're on disadvantage because they are flying/teleporting and also insta killing all the players. It's so annoniying to see this shit all the time and also DEVS can't put the ping limit because Thailands are keeping this game alive so... DEVS you should hear the community if u dont want to see ur game dying like this and stop making maps and put the competitive thinggy and bring back the old newz, this is so disgusting. @Sven @Fredaikis You should check this... If we are posting the same s*** is for something... When the game was pretty good (the vid.)
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    +10 million,Something needs to be done about this sure its a hard decision to think of a solution but something has to give. More and more games are coming out now and people are starting to move on,sure there is no other game like newz in terms of how it is,But the lag/Ping abusers are putting people off playing big time for example last night i went on a PVP server and twice got insta killed even before the sound of the gun fire finished and i put a shit ton of bullets into him before he fired yet i still died and he got body shots on me made absolutely no sense at all,thats until they talk in chat
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    First sry for my english, is so bad and im using google translator and also one of the problems is that these players play pvp being more than 40, yes, as you read me, more than 40 people ... which makes European players can not compete and go to another map ... tired of pvp server, will go to the spring valley and see how a clan of 12-13 people are camping metal booths and towers for more than 2-3 hours ... after this you think, ok I can not play red against more than 40 people I can not play spring valley, so I'll go to the pvp maps ... at 30 min you get bored and the other two options are not valid, what's left? play a br or change the game for a while ... we do not want Thai players to be banned, only to play in their region, to play pvp between them ... how many European players will have left the game because of this issue ? admins, I think you should play a pvp afternoon in clearview-boulder-airport to see what is happening to the game ... And we should also touch the issue of fluency and fps, every day that passes people lose more fps and fluency
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    Totally agree, thailands are killing this game while devs doing nothing. Dev shoould aim to the future of the game and not the present, more and more players are leaving the game cause thais and servers are still not ping limited, next few months there will be just thailand players and few more months game will dissapear, gg wp.
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    MAKE ALL SERVERS PING LIMITED, for which exist hong kong server, when all play on eu? #makeinfestationgreatagain
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    Hey there survivors, hey there NewZ staff Today I want to address a very important topic and I see the possibility to upset a few people with this. Just as a disclaimer, I do not intend to hurt feelings or offend, but rather give insights and answers to the big problems this game has. It will be a long post and I absolutely understand not everybody has the stamina or time to read through everything, so thanks to all that actually do. I want to start out with getting a deeper understanding of the game. ANd by that I mean how the game works. NewZ is an open world fps scenario, infamous ArtemisKnives once called the genre "Loot&Shoot" which resembles it pretty well in my opinion. To some it is about survival, pve and gathering treasures, others focus more on pvp and shooter style of play, but other than CS or CoD death actually is more meaningful and kills are worth more as the gain/loss of gear is involved. I proudly present you: The NewZ Food-Chain (In case you can not read the text -> https://i.imgur.com/rIjVycI.jpg) In my little image, you can see the relation between those different parties. It is called Food-Chain for a reason as it effectively works the same way. Other that a Counterstrike, league of Legends or other online multiplayer games there is no elo or ladder system to protect beginners. Everybody plays on the same servers and there is a high likelihood of encounters. Another parallel to the food chain is the natural way of looking for victims. Animals usually look for victims that are lower in the chain then themselves and this is the case for NewZ as well. People hate loosing and love winning, the ideal PVP scenario is a close win where the opponent puts up a fight but is ultimately defeated and losing out. Some will argue that clans or pros don't necessarily go for bambis, but lions are not hunting insects as well The nature of a food chain and biggest difference to NewZ is the distribution though. Usually the Apex predators are rather low in numbers whereas the lifeforms lower in the chain dominate by number. This is the main reason for its stability. As a newZ player you pretty much have to go through every phase in order to reach the top of the food chain. The weak link in a food chain is not the top, there will always be somebody that loves taking this spot, the weak link actually is the bottom an those links are so to say the most important in the chain. I will use this fact in the following paragraph to explain the current state of the game As in nature a population always dies from bottom to top. This process is the main reason that kills NewZ and already killed its predecessors (WarZ, ISS) and similar games. You can see this as the clans and core-community are the last to leave, but are forced to because of an empty game. First there are no beginners or so few, that they only encounter better players and get their ass pounded everytime they see somebody. There is no low level pvp were beginners or noobs fight each other, but that sort of experience is important in order to get hooked and motivated to improve. Then of course amateur players fighting each other while getting more experience is a mandatory tool to close the gap between a starter and the "all chrome, all fallen angel 15 man thai clan" You need to improve in small steps, otherwise there is no chance. It certainly does not help that the PVE and looting experience is honestly utter shit and any human being with stable mental health can not derive satisfaction from that for more than a day. So now there are no beginners and hence no players getting more and more experienced. At some point we end up with a community of only veterans. The predators are left to fight each other. As the player base is already decimated drastically (like 1/5) we get to see that phenomenon of fighting the same people over and over again. From this point on the game is pretty much doomed. The "new bottom" of the chain are now solo players as they have no to almost no chance fighting back or at least a hard time finding success. More and more of those leave or organize into groups and clans. Soon this will just be a interracial clan gangbang and those who once were on top are now fighting for not becoming the victim. Smaller groups that usually found success in pvp are now outnumbered and even the most skilled players become victims from time to time. Players leave, it does not matter if it takes 3 months or three years, as long as there is no new ones climbing the food chain and taking their place, newZ will go down. And we honestly already see this. Last week we had a huge post by the ISP clan (and I bring that one up because I am a butthurt little bitch) complaining about Asians in EU servers and there might be some truth to the ping problem, but in the first place this is a cry for help, a sign of desperation and frustration. They have been the Apex predator, the top of the food chain for years now and they slowly realize that there is not much left below them. I am not saying that they got worse or others got better, the players that were weaker just left, they are gone. Our narcissistic personality needs success to feed on and finding less and less success drives frustration and causes people to quit. Most of the latest issues and complaints are basically just symptoms of this. God how often have I heard that NewZ is not the same as it was and that the game is dead. But this is not a dev decision, a revive mechanic, a ping issue or a right peak advantage. Those can all be valid claims, but the truth is it would not be so bad if those who complain still found success in feasting on some poor souls that are below them in the food chain. So why is this and what can be done? First of all we have to acknowledge a main difference to the “real” food chain. In NewZ you can just quit if you don't enjoy the game. An insect or plankton might actually hate his life too but can not just uninstall in that sense. So there need to be incentives for beginners to start, stay and continue to play. Right now there is no protection, no help and no system or tutorial that prepares them for what harsh world awaits them on a high pop server or a place like nato. We had beginner servers some time ago and I thought they were amazing. Even though some people just kept creating accounts and streamers abused those servers, it still helped beginners. It was still better than being thrown into an official server. Then of course there is no tutorial, no tips, nobody explaining controls and how to act in certain situations. I even claim that the community does its fair share to make it as hard as possible for weaker players. Why kill a bambi and make fun of a noob instead of helping out, answering questions? From time to time I happen to run across a beginner and do a loop run or two through areas like ridgeway. Them looting items, taking down superzombies or maybe even finding their first sniper or shooting with it is not just fun for me, but also highers the chance for them staying in the game. Then there is this toxic elitism and disrespectful behavior towards weaker players that just straight up pisses me off. Insulting somebody you just killed a few times or making fun of somebody who is less skilled just shows how poor of a human being you are and ultimately leads to the other player leaving. And of course things like camping, greeding for loot or logging are seen as weak. I mean sometimes I have to face groups of three to five people by myself and still I get insulted for not moving out of my spot or logging when death is imminent. I mean what do you expect? Me coming out just to die so the group can have their fun and show of their enormous e-penises? When somebody loggs with your loot it is his decision, When somebody camps a house because there are 10 snipers pointing at the entrance, it is his decision. When somebody just switches server to not die over and over again, it is his decision. Respect that and don't act like you are anything better. And I adress pretty much the whole forum because this is the “elite” and top of the food chain. In general there are several let's say unfortunate game design decisions regarding this topic. Every online game has a casual and a core community. It does not matter whether its a market leader League of legends or a mobile game like clash of clans or farmville. The core community is the one putting most hours in a game and also putting the most money in as well. So for companies like Fredaikis that group is really important. This group once again is you. When you read this, when you spend time on the forum outside of creating an account and complaining about a ban, you are the elite, the core and probably spent more money that the average player already. The core usually has the strongest voice as well, but when you look at other companies, you can see they still seem to not satisfy those. The league reddit is always complaining and they probably won't stop even if Riot games addressed all their issues. And the truth is that doing so is not what a company should do anyways. The core players are the ones creating financial success and elevating the game to a higher level, but the casuals are the foundation. New players are the fountain of youth that keeps league alive for almost a decade now. Thos games won't die the food chain death like a newZ and if you spend some time in online gaming theory or talk to lead game designers they will tell you exactly this. So even though I like the polls and discussions here, Fredaikis should just ignore most of the complaints and focus on appealing to new players. You and me, we are poor, hooked addicts anyways. Having the wrong focus leads to a slow but progressive downfall and you all can see the signs, they are out there. But maybe this downfall is not so bad after all? This is not a players perspective even though I personally would have time for more important stuff if newZ was dead. This is from a company perspective. I am not sure about fredaikis and the inner structure but actually the slow downfall with focus on the core, heavy paying players is somewhat of a decent corporate strategy. It is called the cash cow method as the approach is as conservative and defensive as possible and with the only goal of making as much money as possible for as long as possible and reinvesting into other projects with higher potential. This makes sense when you talk about markets with low potential of growth and high penetration or high competition. In all honesty this is what I would do as a CEO as well, but let's say there is potential, let's say you want to have long term success, what should fredaikis do? First of all there needs to be investment. Not just putting money into the game for stable servers, marketing and image or quality and looks of the game, but also investing in human resource. Getting the opinion or getting the help of experts in all the fields of the corporate world from gamedesign to community management. This necessarily leads to more personnel and this is really no offense, but how many people are working full time for this game? Like 5? You can be the best and work the hardest but this is just not enough to lay the foundation for long term success. I liked the map and everything but this as well is just poor management of resources and labour force. History shows us the future. The first ISS also put months of work into the caliwood map while hoping for it to be the answer to all the problems, the answer to the downfall. Managing and leading a company is freaking hard and you honestly do a good job, but in my opinion you try to bite off more than you can chew. If you want this game to still be around in a few years, you have to have a clear plan and willingness to take a risk. This is just my outsider perspective,maybe you do all of this but I am currently writing a scientific paper on exactly that phenomenon and there are many similar cases out there and I can always see the same scheme. Thanks for your attention. Please dont take this as an offense or a complain but rather as an incentive and a piece of advice from a friend and dedicated player Lauch
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    Ping limiting only some of the servers does nothing to stop the lagging players from ruining the game. Ping limited servers are basically empty for PVP purposes. All servers should be ping limited to maybe 200mS since most of the laggers that cause the problems are 300+ ping. Maybe the devs can explain why they don't want to ping limit all servers because this has been talked about countless times.
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    Hi, Like all sunday's Killer andme will be hosting an event. They do a lot of events like Hide&Seek, 1vs1 etc with awesome prizes. Here you can find the streams: https://www.twitch.tv/kill3rlive https://www.twitch.tv/therealglad Start: NOW End: In 1h Go and check them out and maybe you will win a great prize!
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    Either way something has to be done,Its horrible to play like that,Other games even ones with 65+ players on the server dont have this problem and those games have people from all over the world good or bad connections they have something in their systems that make it fair for everyone.
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    Dude... seriously. You need to chill. Just ignore them. It don't matter what account you have, you will get random invites. It's part of the game. DEAL WITH IT. Oh... and Have a Nice Day!!!
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