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    Dear Community, We are about to release a hotfix/patch that solves many issues, and implements some new features that didn't quite make it to last patch. A lot of hours have been put into making the game as stable as possible. We bulldozed through hundreds of crash logs and dumps that you guys uploaded, so thank you for that! There will be no downtime, if you want this update now just restart your game and when the patch is released you will get it, otherwise it will download next time you play. Fixed many spectator bugs, including the Health bar, and the "random ghost" spectating bug.+ Fixed a bug where joining a battle royale as it started would cause the sound bug. and... Updated safe zone dome: Improved the quality and textures. Fixed some lighting issues when looking it from the outside. Added a new outline to the dome, making it easier to spot the exact location where the radiation starts. Added a sound fx to when you are close to it. The dome should now be really accurate to the radiation. Added new SoundFX for the AirDrop. Speeded up loading times to pvp servers, warmup servers and the lounge. Made the radiation release sound slightly louder. Stay tuned for the next big Open World Update! Patch is only client-sided so that means there will be no server downtime. When the patch is released, just restart your game and you will get a small update. Best Regards, // Infestation: The New Z - Staff Team
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    Hey Guys The following post is aimed at players that are experiencing fps drops and are running there game with windows 10 this may be a possible fix for you so lets get to it I will give you some descriptions on a few methods on how to do this, 1. search xbox/open app/on bottom left click settings/then click GameDVR and turn off 2. Open your xbox app and turn off gameDVR in the app itself. 3. open regedit as an admin and do the following HKEY_CURRENT_USER/System/GameConfigStore/GameDVR_Enabled/Right click Modify/Value = 0 There you have it hope this helps some of you guys that are experiencing random fps drops.
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    im not brazilian but i speak a little bit of portuguese
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    Zapraszam wszystkich zainteresowanych na serwer teamspeak3 wellskilled.teamspeak3.pl - darmowe kanaly prywatne - strefy dla klanow (min 5 osob) - niskie pingi(stabilnosc) - bot muzyczny I want to invite everyone who will be interested to take a look at server wellskilled.teamspeak3.pl - free private channels - zones for clans(at lest 5 users) - low pings(stability) - music bot Jesli jestes zainteresowany kanalem prywatnym pisz w tej sprawie lub rozmawiaj z server adminem lub wlascicielem. Jesli chcesz byc zarejestrowany wejdz na kanal rejestracja pod poczekalnia. If u are interested about private channel write about this or talk with server admin or the server owner. If u want to be registered join to channel Rejestracja above lobby.
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    HAHA Good point! No, we will make sure we go LIVE! Thanks for the support man! Best Regards, Sven
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    I think the person who posted this got confused and thought it was for the "Open World" game mode. Alien super zombies do not spawn in the "Survival" game mode and we do not plan on making them spawn. We are working on some newer giant zombies for this game mode. Stay tuned for that. Best Regards, Sven
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    If you don't PVP then I wouldn't worry about it. The point of looting in Survival is to build up an inventory. Since there is not global inventory access unless in safezones or a marketplace to buy gear, you now have to be strategic in looting and banking. Those who do pvp on survival don't want it to be a snipe fest or else they would just go play Open World. If snipers were rampant on survival I would likely stop playing as I enjoy the combat is it is. No snipers and no shield spamming like you find on Open World makes for much better combat IMO. Getting one shot from out of nowhere is just not that fun to me..
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