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    These suggestions could work on both survival/open world. All images are copyrighted, so you'd have to make your own items I guess.. based on these images I'm about to show you. New snipers: New Crafting Item: War Mag - 200 Bullets. New Super Zombie (Survival): This super zombie has double health compared to normal super zombies and can only be killed by a Pecheneg. Would drop rare loot. New Weapon: Pecheneg. Exclusively made to kill the new super zombie. Pecheneg's ammo is rare and can only be found in military areas and normal super zombie drops. New Trading Item: Vending Machine. Can be purchased in marketplace for GC and can be placed at specific areas in Safe Zones (Survival) and Trading Lounges (Open World).
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    Update: Thanks to K 0 0 L 's friendly hint there is a 14th tree, i've overseen it (shame on me ^^). Hi there and Merry Christmas, well i still decided me to make a new map for Patch 2.12 #2 and try something new. I sat here in my dark room and didnt saw the green circles on my print. So i make a new map with white ones and cutted the map so it fits better on a DinA4-Site. Anyway! I post both maps so you can decide which one you want (if so). Well i walked a lil bit around, and i guess (no guarantee) that there only these 13 Trees. I found zero up to 5x Winter and/or Christmas Skinboxes under them. Have a nice day and good loot Ecky Normal: 1593*1768 / 1,45MB Small: 1253*1766 / 1,19MB
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    so frustrating to play... spawning in city with other 50 people
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    Just because YOU think this is useless, other players may not. I happen to play tactically, unlike other players who like to simply grab any gun and play 'spray and pray." I think that changing ones clothes when they want to should be an option. For example, I like to wear my camo clothes and camo weapon skins when I am playing in mostly wooded areas, and other clothes when in other areas. It is more realistic when playing, and it helps with hiding; but that's just me, although I am sure there are others who like this idea as well. What about the clothes that you have to, or have purchased, with gold coins (real money)? Players would want to be able to use those when they wanted. Besides, players can change weapon and equipment skins while playing so why not be able to change clothes as well.
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    You do not see any problem because you live in a golden cradle, and for you it's no problem. You have a good salary, at least you should earn the quintuple of what we earn here in brazil, so that's okay with you. I invite you to live here in Brazil for at least 1 year. So who knows, you will feel on your skin what we feel every day, having to live with corruption without end. This is where the son cries and the mother does not see, my comrade. Do not tell me that (Everything is pleasant and favorable for you), because your person is not aware of absolutely nothing. You are young, with little knowledge of capitalism. Think well and correct yourself. My English can be awful, but you need to study more (GLAD) !! Sometimes I see so much scrotal happening in this game, that I simply try not to believe, but it is impossible to stop believing. Keep it up, selling iten with an absurd price, soon you will feel on the skin what it is to lose several and several players, for intolerance on your part! Pubg is very playable and enjoyable, NewZ is simply copying the same. So that's just it, people, to be well to all of you. It's a merry christmas.
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    It's not about supporting the game. For example I paid 100€+ for forever premium and I dont get anything worth that price in return. And yes it's a totally absurd price
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    To bad if you mean the lil military camp (around F3) on the area of the "Aerodrome Military Airport". ITS GONE !!! Now there stand only a Christmas Tree ... and two Humvees (i guess). I never thought this could be the secret spot. Edit: Found it ( i guess) in Caliwood. Just go east from Anerly Station to the end of the rails. There is a (imo) new camp. It looks like the Military Camp between the Castle Pine Settlement and Varo Containment Area (in Colorado) There is no SZ, but an Alien. ... No green text possible? Yes, in Caliwood are only two places where spawn a Alien. If someone found more: please share. ^^ Have a nice day, good loot and Merry Christmas Ecky
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    Just follow these steps. 1. 2. 3. Done. Don't forget to tip your discord moderators on your way out. -Wolf Digital <edit> I almost forgot! ZOMBIEEEE CATSSSS!!!!!
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