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    Cheater's Character name: DockyfoxTime: 01:50 GMT +1Date: 20.08What kind of cheat: Lagswitch // It was on a max 200 ping serverScreenshot proof (if made): Video belowVideo proof (if made): Important: Report him in-game.
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    I realy enjoy the game mode but there some points i realy want a change like Remove all ranks after assasin like even if u have like -20k rep u should stay on assasin like the old days Do just 1 char (this will remove the ghoster noobs, but it will be harder to farm) i know some people have already made more than 1 char but make it that they can delete wich they want or make a straw pool of it so all players can vote cuz idk if im the only one thinking of that or not Spawns? (i dont know if thats already fixed or smt but i always spawn at campos/clearview or shrute farm. make more acces to roofs instead of only one ( that will remove that camper advantage) yea thats it i realy love that survival mode and thats the only reason i play that game so dont destroy it pls :*
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    i spent only 10 minutes editing this so dont hate me lol
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    I like the survival mode. And I would like you to consider my proposals. - At night all zombies run and the range of detection of humans is much larger. - It has happened many times. They kill me and the zombies run to attack my killer but he gets on a car and is saved very easily. The point is that if someone kills another player the smell of blood will attract many many zombies a lot more distance and that the smell of blood will make them run too. And of course the zombies do damage even by climbing on cars or wooden fences. Zombies become harmless after playing a week.
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    English: Hello, i create this topic in order to ask for a SouthAmerica event server (arena) for the South America players, we need a server cause will help alot the South America community and will help alot all players of NewZ even the other country/region players, my organization make alot of week events and alot of players that don't have a powerfull pc can't join Colorado server that have too many players so it will help them and let they join all events, this willl help streamers, players and will bring alot of new players to the game. We need it!! We Are Going strong with the Weekend events, we need space to create videos and fun content to bring people back to newz. Some people are Helping with this, like Streamers and Youtubers! Some List of then. Twitch Stremers TedderaTV,Colorado_tv,Vinao13,Tavinho,Kitana,Ward0gs,os Random Youtubers TedderaTV,Capixaba,Fox,Markin Wayne,Manobrisa ondeus , I Z Z Y #eventserversouthamerica LNTN Team & South America Community Português: Olá, eu criei este tópico para pedir um servidor de eventos SouthAmerica (arena) para os jogadores da América do Sul, precisamos de um servidor, porque ajudará a comunidade da América do Sul e vai ajudar muito a todos os jogadores da NewZ, mesmo o outro país / região Jogadores, minha organização faz muitos eventos semanais e muitos jogadores que não possuem um PC poderoso , não podem se juntar ao servidor Colorado e permitir que eles se juntem a todos os eventos, isso ajudará a fazer streamers, jogadores E trará muitos jogadores novos para o jogo. Nos precisamos disto!! Estamos fortes nos eventos de fim de semana, e precisamos de espaço para criar um conteúdo engraçado e pra nos auxiliar em alguns dos eventos. e isso e somente pra trazermos os players que sairao do jogo pra voltar para o newz. Alguns Streamers e youtubers estão junto conosco para criar conteúdo como. Twitch TedderaTV,Colorado_tv,Vinao13,Tavinho,Kitana,Ward0gs,os Random Youtubers TedderaTV,Capixaba,Fox,Markin Wayne,Manobrisa ondeus , I Z Z Y #eventserversouthamerica Equipe LNTN e Comunidade da América do Sul
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    Hi I will go straight to the point 1. Change the sound of the birds. Im tired of this animals sounds since Pre Alpha, they sound the same. Add some new ones, would be an innovation. 2. I don't know if this is possible. How about stablishing seasons? You can introduce a patch when the time comes. E.G : Time to Winter --> You put some snow particles and put all the environment white , leafless trees, hmmm what else ? I assume you understood what the point would be (?) 3. Replace police cars for new ones with modern textures please. I know people liked old ISS but nothing is like it used to be before, the times are changing and so we need to. Adapt is the key Putting some SWAT members or Military corpses around their respective vehicles would be astonishing to appreciate , like Resident Evil (GG Copyright) . It would be something similar to the already existing ones 'graves' (Yea, those ones located at Emerald peak and stuff) IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER IDEAS FEEL FREE TO POST THEM IN THE COMMENTS BELOW Zed
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    I think its because they dont have something swinging in the way down there.
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    Because we have better legs ...lol
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    I have an idea for punishment for killing other players... When you kill a guy, a name tag should appear above your character just like when you see your clan mates, but the visual range/radius for that tag should be very short, but increase the more people you kill... So, say you kill a guy, people can see your name tag through buildings and such within 2-3 meters?... then when you're on a 10 killstreak, maybe 10-15 meters? So the more you kill, the more difficult it becomes to stay alive. Just a suggestion.
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