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    Hi I will go straight to the point 1. Change the sound of the birds. Im tired of this animals sounds since Pre Alpha, they sound the same. Add some new ones, would be an innovation. 2. I don't know if this is possible. How about stablishing seasons? You can introduce a patch when the time comes. E.G : Time to Winter --> You put some snow particles and put all the environment white , leafless trees, hmmm what else ? I assume you understood what the point would be (?) 3. Replace police cars for new ones with modern textures please. I know people liked old ISS but nothing is like it used to be before, the times are changing and so we need to. Adapt is the key Putting some SWAT members or Military corpses around their respective vehicles would be astonishing to appreciate , like Resident Evil (GG Copyright) . It would be something similar to the already existing ones 'graves' (Yea, those ones located at Emerald peak and stuff) IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER IDEAS FEEL FREE TO POST THEM IN THE COMMENTS BELOW Zed
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    Hello everyone, DD05 is currently not looking towards new members, our staff team isn't enough active to deal with new applications at the moment, if recruitment re-open we will let know everyone and all the pending apps will get sorted at this moment. What we are looking for ? Good English required At least 1.5 kdr At least Berserk on the bad side At least Merciful on the good side Have a decent microphone Be at least 18 years old We are not recruiting Asians players! (this is including THAILAND, Korea, Philippines, Japan, Asia, Vietnam, Indonesia, China), We are not recruiting South American players We are also not accepting Turkish players Players having Discord and Teamspeak (Discord will be use for clan infos and Teamspeak for talking) Rules: Don't break any NewZ rules : https://playnewz.com/rules.php Be polite to others members (say hello and goodbye) Be calm during pvp and when we ask you to keep silent please do so Don't loot whore Please join the right channels!!!!!!!! Join afk's channels if u are afk /!\ Don't join the clan for our clan skins Don't be toxic Multi clanning isn't allowed , if you leave the clan ONCE you WILL NEVER get invited back Where are we pvping ? PVP Maps Campos Boulder/Whitestone Caliwood Apply here: ACTUAL ROSTER: Staff: Kazmight (Leader) Glad (Leader) Pezde (Co leader) Volishq (Co leader) Members: Vexille Shaleh K2snakas Tolsate Kodlord Kennys21 Keeper Ter Harpegon Poodle RaDiaTionS G E R A crazyyyy MIFISHY Sadist Bugui Cimo skyk1ng SukiPai Dinox Gr4b5ky adngames Dropbombs Trippymonsta Matrix Panda Proxzy Stubastian Papy
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    ShadowPlay isn't the problem in this Case. I used it alot on NewZ.
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    I saw your ban today while I was looting and I laughed so much It's like the 3rd time I see you on the FAC chat. By the way, you can enable ShadowPlay again because that is not definitely the problem, i tell you for experience and because I have friends that use it and 0 issues. Don't expect support response since are holidays, create another account meanwhile and have fun killing bambis or something GL
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