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    Dear Community, We are currently working on A LOT; new events, new patches, content and more all at once! One thing that we have stumbled upon recently is the amount of amazing suggestions and ideas you guys have shared with us over the past period(s) of time. This is GREAT! Although for us it can sometimes become a challenge to keep track of everything and to not miss anything. Now, we have developed a solution that we think will benefit both sides: us and you guys. The System We have developed a very simple suggestion system through our website that allows anyone to create a suggestion. Players can see a feed of all suggestions and can upvote/downvote other players' suggestions. We as staff can then mark suggestions as "under development" or "skipped" etc. to keep you updated. Players here are forced to keep their ideas simple, but strong and this especially will make things a lot easier. Now, you might wonder: "What about the forums?" or "What about all the forum threads I have made in the past sharing ideas?" ^ We'd like to invite you to simply copy any still relevant ideas to this new system, with a link to the original forum thread so we can always find more information and see what other people think. The same here goes for Discord. Have any ideas? It's GREAT to share them in the suggestions chat although to keep track of everything please also suggest it through our new suggestion system. Where to go We are currently still integrating the system into our website, game and social medias although the whole system itself is already accessible. Share your suggestions here: https://suggest.playnewz.com/ Additional Information To make a suggestion you'll have to create an account. Please note that you'll have to make an entire new account here as this system is separated from the official New Z website and New Z accounts. The reason for this is because it's powered by GameSupport. For now, we're only doing suggestions through the GameSupport system although we do consider later on also porting over our support system and more. It will make a lot more sense then to have an account there. Just to clarify this Now, go share your amazing ideas, keep doing what you're all doing and let's aim to get you all more involved in what's coming / being worked on in New Z! Best Regards, Sven
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    Ho Hum!!! another nothing Event. What happened to the time when we at least got double experience? Another busted weekend as far as I'm concerned. STOP NEGLECTING THE PVE COMMUNITY.
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    Agree with that. U have to do somethin' with survival but if u will wipe it most of the players will stop playing it completly. Only fresh players may want some wipe but they are like 5% of the game population. I know u want more players there but by wiping it u'll simply kill survival mode. They are some ppl who were playing it for really long time and they were collecting items for something. Wipe won't bring back old players. Oh.. maybe only some crying bambi that will play for a week and leave the game.
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    1- Number of maps is not a problem. When people want to meet to pvp they will meet. But if you leave only one map on you are obligating people to meet and this is not nice. It must have to be servers and times at the day that the loners have more chance to farm. Sometimes its all they want. Colorado V2 was a mistake since the original game. Cities are very far one from another. Stop thinking maps are the problem, Colorado V1, Oregon and Caliwood. Its useless to keep Colorado V1 and V2, V1 is best but pick one. 2-3 Full wipe no way. Maybe you should find a way to wipe partially the Snipers. 4 - Currency, for sure. Its useless to farm in SURVIVAL and its unfair. Please BRING BACK THE LOCKERS. At least one locker per player. Think about it.
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    Survival mode has been available for years ... if someone has not played and collected to their GI then why should my GI be reset to zero ?? NEXT one to leave the game.
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    First, thank you for realizing that Survival Mode neeeds to be made more interesing. I am for a complete wipe & we will learn this time from the mistakes of the past. What the players want is the old ISS Feelings, as well as in World of Warcraft - Blizzard brought the same game back after 15 years & got a real hype. We have to do the same thing with ISS/NewZ. NewZ has received so many patches that it just does not feel like an original ISS anymore (lighting , loot balance, shields, ingame money, movement). It has often been said that it would be smart to put zhe survival mode under a other name than NewZ & I think that´s a very good idea, as there are many negative ones compared to the name "NewZ". I do not know if this is possible (Steamrelease) We must make a fresh start & learn from the mistakes of the past as described above. I have to tell you that a wipe alone will not be enough to get a bigger group of players excited. We need a real big Change & need to promote this new Game Mode better than the old one. Go back to the Beginning <3
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    Yes that is more accurate!You can check photos of wearing masks on internet and take ideas!
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    While yes 'buying servers" is an artificial attempt to cover your PVE players, how about doing things that don't cost $$$ like is done for PVP??? Why is it hard to understand that you do a ton of "double rep" or "double br. Boxes" and such yet when it comes to PVE it's here, buy this and support the game!! Wow... That double standard really shows!
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    I think you waste your time my friend!!!!
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    Let's by clear... i don't give a f**k if it's hard to start playing on survival, It was hard for me too and I did it, i spent hundreds of hours for looting items that I can now use as a adventage and u just want to wipe it all because u r too lazy to farm it? U won't bring ppl back to the game by this. U will only make ppl to leave the game. I was playing for something, not for the wipe. U can Decress spawning rate of items, that's fair, But u can't take items from players that spent big amount of time to get them. That's more unfair than starting playing surivval as a new player
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    Hello, I would like to suggest that those who take ban in the season for playing in large groups lose the right to the prize. This is not fair to other players. Recently player R fister (noob) has won the prize of the season even playing at 3. This is absurd and disrespectful to anyone who plays within the rules. I leave my suggestion and my rejection of the attitude of moderation in this case.
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    Or when pasting press: ctrl+shift+v instead of just ctrl+v
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    We newz players would like to ask for cooler events. Like double rep at rockford, double gd and things like that, we're tired of these weekend events ...
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    How about this @3lias sales options should not count toward any mode for events. Problem solved! Server sales, GC sales, item sales anything that costs $$$ while it may be an aspect of an event it isn one of the primary 4. Just as map changes was brought up as something that shouldn't be part of BR events, but something just on rotation. There are ways to fix players concerns...but are you really willing??
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    First thank you for taking time to respond. We know you are busy but at least you cared enough to reply. Yes, Sven...Our exact thoughts here. We had this sorted out... over and over. Then somehow the minute you step away it reverts back like our conversations never took place. We try to be nice about it... "well ok... it was just this weekend" until it happens again. And again. Why?? Why do we have to raise hell on the board before its like ok... yeah...bad idea to ignore them. Im not talking about you Sven, BC for some reason, you are one who ALWAYS LISTENS. Hmmm well. Here is my take here. Anger doesn't just quickly dissipate. Worse, it builds. Over time it continues to grow, especially when then same person / people does the same things to inflame whatever group. Basically continually waving a red flag in the middle of a bull pen then wondering why you caused a stampede! Week after week we find ourselves back here rehashing this. I mean, at some point its going to be copy paste conversations! Then add fuel: It has been noted how some are so busy chatting on discord even as hell was breaking lose on here. I was invited there to see that another user had SAID on Discord to "Silent" someone needed to mod the board. NO ONE CAME. There were comments after not only by Silent but others, Any of which could have come. SO, if someone feels "attacked" bc the group here is angry after we were called every name in the book and even called staff ourselves here bc some new guy came here to flame the board and not one staffer defended your regulars... so be it. Anger still brewing through many here... deeper than you realize. You are right! This COULD have EASILY been avoided! Maybe if the staff members who feel so "attacked" actually spent time getting to know US as YOU have then maybe they would realize in the end we all just want a game we can ALL enjoy not just certain modes!! Sven, we can spot phoney a mile a way. There is a reason we settle down and talk with you. Even when its bad news you are honest like "hey guys come on...." "You know I wish we could but...." You don't play the "we'll think about it" game. We do deserve answers. Most of the time the forum is just us talking to the wall or each other. ( Unless its a good comment on an event then well... Devs, Mods, or other Admin show up) They don't want noobs seeing that us old dogs aren't just bitching to be bitching as its often played off. That this isn't a one off thing here. Those old posts show we were promised change and what changes and by whom. Also who is who mod/ dev wise from way...WAY back. Why hide things? We do, yes but we also need to see change Sven. We appreciate youre reply but we would appreciate them doing as they said too! It would be nice if when you stopped by to chat it was about suggestions or ideas not having to rehash this over and over and apologize for your 5 min away.
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    We have a loot of suggestions. Please answer someones for the discussion be more concentrated. Thks
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    Looks interesting I will check it out but you may not like my posts lol
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    ahh the old fealing back in 2012 when i was both happy and scared when findinga m4 semi,and the thrill geting it back to safezone, only to get ambushed on the edge of the zone. a full wipe would be good for new players but curent one might stop playing it (me for sure)
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    And partial wipe isn't good idea too tho. For Example, If u have 50% chance to drop item from superzombie u can still kill him 20 times and get only 2 items because u r unlucky. And Then u want to do partial wipe of 50% items because u r doing 50% drop rate of spawn chance. It's not fair at all because some of the people really spent much more time than others to get somethin'. U won't fix the game by wipe or even partial wipe. U can change drop rates etc. but u can't take items from GI. Players that actually care about survival didn't spent this time for nothin and many of them will leave the game if u will touch their GI.
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    Ok if u reduce spawn some rare items by 50% than u shouldn't take it from my GI anyway. If its 10% to get a custom guerilla from superzombie it doesnt mean that i will kill 10 zombies and i will get 1 custom guerilla because that's what statistic say. For me its very rare item because i can be unlucky guy for someone else it can be a common item. I agree with reducing item spawn and push forward crafting...its awesome idea but dont touch this global inventory please. People collect items for a reason
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    Wow, I can't believe my eyes. You are only 1 year late. What's the point of posting suggestions when you don't give a fuck about them anyway, just like it was the whole time. This game mode is dead and nothing will bring it back, because of the lack of attention in the previous years/months. We have been posting tons of suggestions and maybe 5% of them was applied. Fuck this, I'm not having this again.
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    I think cleaning half of the GI is a good idea.Because wipe will "kill" old players.But I would stay if there was even a wipe. Because I have long wanted to see real survival, as in the old WarZ. You can first make different military items very rare (rare assault rifles, all machine guns, snipers, armor,backpacks etc.).And then clean all the rare weapons from the inventory and not remove not rare, but delete half.I hope you understand me. I'm sorry if I have bad English. What do you need to do? Add weapons and other things from the open world (AS VAL,FN FAL,VSS COMPACT,all snipers,Ak-15,all helmets etc.) Not rare AR (AKM,M4 SEMI,M16) More rare AR (G36,Fn Scar,Ak-74M,Aks-74u,M4) Very rare AR (L85,M4A1,Honey Badger,Scar Night/Red Stalker,Tar-21,Sig Sauer,Ak-47,AUG,MASADA,G11,QBZ,AN94,FAMAS,AK-15,AS VAL,FN FAL Rare snipers, as now, but maybe a little more often for spawn Rare Snipers (SVD,Blaser) Very rare snipers (Mauser sp66,Mauser SRG,M107,Aw Magnum,OTS,M200,AMR2,QLB 06,FN SCAR H,VSS,AWP,XMR,VSS COMPACT) Very rare Machine guns (PKM,RPK,M249,MG36) Not rare SMG (Uzi,MP5/10) More rare SMG (MP7,Evo-3,FN P90,MP5/10 silenced,Thompson) Very rare SMG (Bizon,FN P90S,Thompson MK2,Veresk) Not rare pistols (Jericho,B92,1911,Anaconda,Kruger) More rare pistols (P226,Fn 57) Very rare pistols (Desert Eagle,Sti Eagle,B93R,TEC-9) Not rare Shotguns (Mossberg,SAIGA,Double barrel) More rare Shotguns (KT Decider,AA-12 Not rare backpacks (Medium,large) More rare backpacks (Leather,Alice) Very rare backpacks (Military,Hunter) Not rare armor (Light gear) More rare armor (Medium armor,MTV,Custom Vest) Rare Armor (IBA,Guirella) Very rare armor (Heavy armor) Rare ammo (But at the same time more ammo for crafting) Less melee spawn and more crafting More rare food and medicine To barricade spawn more often and they should have more HP Better lighting, similar to Warz.More darker and creepier More scary sounds Dark nights and very rare night vision Military loot only at military points Days and nights longer Remove unnecessary trees on the roads and in the mountains in Colorado 1. This is not so difficult to check. Fix bugs with zombies when they get stuck in textures Opportunity to build small huts (shelters) to put a safe there, etc. I didn’t mean that everything should be rare completely. I wrote what things should be quite rare and which are very rare. Approximately as it was at the beginning of the WarZ.Everything can be found if you look well. Weapons should be, but not in such quantities as now. Less important things: More realistic ghillie suit Fix butterfly knife animation Clean sweep half the blade disappears when you play in the first person and aim another problem with PKM.If you look at it from a third person, then 2 boxes with ammo are attached to it. Remove melee from the leg Try to fix the hair does not stick out from under the helmet There is an idea to add a change of weather to the game. No rain, so as not to reduce the FPS, but very ordinary things. For example: Overcast Heavy fog or ordinary fog you can also add thunder sounds As well as the sounds of wind in the mountains More realistic forests (bushes, small trees,fallen trees etc.)
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    I'm not here to get items where is the fun to loot and log out without killing anyone ?
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    I might get a lot of hate for this first point but I enjoyed looting in survival a lot more before you added private servers. 2nd, I think keeping V1 and removing all the other maps is the best idea. The fact that you can only stash your items to a Safe Zone and not just by logging out is not even relevant because even on official servers you could just switch maps until you spawn inside / near a safe zone. 3rd, I agree to what KinkyWarren said: Guns like Night Stalker, Red Stalker, Imitar, L85, Famas, Sig 556 etc should be A LOT rarer and military zones only (and get their decay value changed so you actually do damage on 150m but thats another topic) and guns like Masada, M4, M16, M4 Semi and AK74M should be more common, spawning in key locations in big cities (5story campos, heli in boulder etc) and police stations, but obviously have worse stats than the previously mentioned military grade guns. 4th, crafting is pretty useless at the moment. Nobody would spend metal to craft a Wrench or Wood on a Canoe Paddle when finding a Hatchet is just as easy. 5th, bring back old V1 lightning from 2012 (like in the video posted right above) 6th, make NVGs rare. I can't think of a situation where i played survival at night without an NVG because they are just so common. 7th, Superzombies are really easy to kill because there is just so much loot around. Once you kill one, you almost always get enough to kill another one as a drop. This should be changed and 8th, Sniper should spawn on the ground like they used to instead of being found in airdrops. Airdrops should give you other stuff. Edit: and to answer the actual question, I think a partial wipe is the best idea, but instead of just saying we will remove 80% of everyones GI you should do it like this: [EXAMPLE VALUES] If you cut the sniper spawn rate in half, remove 50% of everyones snipers. If you decrease the Sig Sauer spawn / drop rate by 80% then remove 80% of everyones Sig Sauers, etc...
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    These are just two things i suggest and support, see a few more core reasons above. Grouping is why i don't play survival, and my friends rarely do too - the well armed and organized groups. It is clear they won't be happy to loose their group-wallhack tags. This is not a dramatic change at all. It would take a bit more effort to communicate as a team. Let alone their macros on shooting and moving. So this is my suggestion. I could also suggest you tell fairy tales about random friends enjoing thrills of zomby apocalyps together, to someone else, not me.
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    Primeiramente muito obrigado por voltar a olhar para o modo de sobrevivência. Sou um favor, limpe. mais teríamos que ter mudado para valer a pena faze-lo. 1 - Jogadores antigos que são recompensados pelo tempo de jogo e dedicação, como menos tempo para reviver, mais slots, itens personalizados, um valor da nova moeda, somente assim ou o wipe pode ter sentido e não prejudicar quem faz o tempo que joga desse modo. 2- refazer o mapa v1 e não usar mais mapas como caliwood ou oregon e v2. 3-arrumar horário dia, da noite, e tornar a visão noturna raro, obrigando os jogadores a usar lanternas e rifles lanterna. 4-ajustar saque, tornar mais difícil e itens de artesanato mais fáceis. A queda de 5 ar torna-se mais importante e sinaliza-lo (gotas de armas raras, ou o mesmo kit pvp ou pvp) poderia ser algo do tipo desconectado ou perdido e perdido nos itens. 6-uma nova moeda no jogo, e um sistema onde seu dinheiro caiu no chão, para salvar um armário, um banco (nos postos de trabalho tem uma maquina, ativa-la) ou zona segura. 7-remover informações do mapa, soltar e soltar quem pode saber onde está, colocar informações nas placas nas entradas de cada cidade. 8-removedor de notas e grupos de grupos, deixar apenas solo ou duplas (e jogar em duplas jogar sem identificação e não permitir o uso de skin de clãs no modo de sobrevivência) (skin de clãs ajudantes a jogadores de vezes grandes e jogar juntos em grupos). 9-implantar um sistema de cofre novo, onde você pode entrar e ocultar e outros jogadores ou ativar o modo de destruição destruído e se os itens forem codificados. 10 - criar novo mapa ou melhorar o mapa v1 e refazer locais das zonas de segurança. 11-diminuir o número de servidores (obrigatório assim que os jogadores jogam juntos e diminuem conforme a demanda) O sniper de 12 gotas poderia ser mais fácil, ou o que dificulta seria a munição, o que pode ser criado para criar munição. O 13-removedor SZ, não faz sentido em nenhum jogo, se não houver munições para mata, tornar zumbis normais mais agressivos, deixar subir em veículos. 14-removedor de veículos. 15-facilitar itens para criação de caixas de armários e não permitir o uso delas dentro das cidades. 16-retirar motim e barricadas. 17-colocar estruturas para criação de bases, claro se criar um novo mapa maior, pois não há espaço na v1. 18-espaço limitado no inventário, exemplo 50 cada tipo de rifles de assalto, 50 smg e por ai vai, fazendo com que os jogadores sempre tenham que lootiar 19-recompensar os criadores de conteúdo que jogam modo de sobrevivência (para que possam divulgar o jogo, trazer novos e antigos jogadores de volta) 20 contas premium, premium para sempre (pode ser colocado de modo que quem pode ter seu tempo de proteção aumentado, reviver menos tempo ou nenhum tempo, mapa de jogo, mais dinheiro de zumbi, criar mais rápido, usar servidor premium PvE onde era mais fácil jogar e salvar seus itens na zona segura. 21- refazer a habilidade, colocar novas habilidades, incentivar matar zumbis. 22-criar servidor modo solo ou duplo e outro para jogadores de grupos ou grupos grandes. O que outras pessoas estão dizendo Firstly thank you very much for looking back at survival mode. I'm a favor, clean up. but we would have to have changed to be worth doing. 1 - Old players who are rewarded for playing time and dedication, such as less time to revive, more slots, custom items, a new coin value, only this way or the wipe can make sense and not hurt whoever does the time. play it that way. 2- redo map v1 and no longer use maps like caliwood or oregon and v2. Tidy up time day, night, and make night vision rare, forcing players to use flashlights and flashlight rifles. 4- Adjust serve, make it harder and craft items easier. The 5 air drop becomes more important and signaling it (rare weapon drops, or the same pvp or pvp kit) could be something like the disconnected or lost and lost items. 6-a new coin in the game, and a system where your money fell to the floor, to save a locker, a bank (in the workplace has a machine, activate it) or safe zone. 7-remove map information, drop and drop who can know where you are, put information on signs at the entrances of each city. 8-note remover and group groups, leave only solo or doubles (and play doubles play without identification and do not allow the use of clan skin in survival mode) (clan skin helping big times players and play together in groups). 9-Deploy a new vault system where you can enter and hide and other players or activate destroyed destruction mode and if items are coded. 10 - create new map or improve map v1 and redo safety zone locations. Decrease the number of servers (required as players play together and decrease as required) The 12-drop sniper could be easier, or the hardest would be ammo, which can be created to create ammo. The 13-remover SZ makes no sense in any game, if there is no ammunition to kill, make normal zombies more aggressive, let in vehicles. 14-vehicle remover. 15-facilitate items for creating cabinet boxes and not allow their use within cities. 16-Remove riot and barricades. 17-Put structures for creating bases, of course if you create a new larger map, because there is no space in v1. 18-space limited inventory, example 50 each type of assault rifles, 50 smg and so on, so players always have to loot 19-reward content creators who play survival mode (so they can get the game out, bring new and old players back) 20 premium accounts, premium forever (can be placed so who can have their protection time increased, relive less or no time, game map, more zombie money, create faster, use premium PvE server where it was most Easy to play and save your items in the safe zone. 21- redo the skill, put new skills, encourage kill zombies. 22-create solo or dual mode server and another for group players or large groups.
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    It is like this already. Every game mode has it's own loot table.
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    Hi, We changed it for now to groups of two in BR. If the interest arises for the game mode we'll be able to alter it to 3 again.
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    Well unlike you, Campers wasn't implicating that we let certain people not be detected by claymores. That's just ridiculous and I didn't feel that it deserved to be answered in any other way.
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    Double GD & XP is now so go kill some Zeds ATTENTION EVERYONE Stream Starting Soon https://www.twitch.tv/ofctb Patch 2.37 HYPE!! Drops Enabled @infestationnewz @Retweet_Twitch @TwitchTVOnline @fredaikis @TwitchReTweets @TwitchRetweetsU @xidaxpcs @ThatTechShopRT @ThatTechShop
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    When I reported this player, moderation gave me 2 days of ban for disrespect. At no time did I use offensive words, just questioned why their attitude. In the end, I also find it disrespectful to anyone who plays the rules that a stupid player like this wins the prize. But who am I to complain if I neglect to banish me here from the forum.
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    As a side note, since all the gas masks in the game have binocular view (meaning 2 lenses) This is a perfect depiction of what the view should look like.
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    Well, if you start with just typing without any text format. Like me and everyone else. Take this warning serious. Last time I warn you for it.
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    No problem. Could you wait next time copy pasting it on other places. Just to keep this at one place? Well, that's discussable and more of a point-of-view point but technically speaking New Z is more of an all round game in terms of PVP, PVE and Survival / Open World.
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    True story - he crashes everytime he tries to join me on Survival. Pity - Matt s
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    Well, I finally came across a bear trap. It looks really cool. I placed it down in front of a zombie to see what the effect would be. Lo and Behold, THE ZOMBIE WOULDN'T STEP ON IT!!! Within a very short period of time (about a minute) the trap disappeared. I guess it's not made to be used in PVE. At least it looks good.
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    Here we go again. I thought it was said that certain issues/items/ did not need to be a part of the weekend events and were outside the scope of what an event is supposed to bring to the community.. If that is indeed the case, Why are we seeing a section devoted to PVP Map Rotation? Isn't this one of the things that was decided by you, the admins, that doesn't belong being a major part of the event? Hmmmmm… here is another example of something that was decided would not be a part of any events. In case you don't know, 100€ equals $109.82 US dollars. I don't know about you but, I don't believe the average gamer has that amount of money to throw around. (My personal opinion) Now, before you go off on the thought that I'm against you making money, which is the bottom line here, I am not. That, being as it is, it is not supposed to be a major part of the event. The other 2 parts can apply to both PVE and PVP modes. So, with your own statements, you only achieved a score of 50%. I don't know about schools anywhere else in the world but 50% is a failing grade. BTW, speaking about radiation zones, Do you have any plans on improving the visibility of the gas masks? Have any of you ever had to don a gas mask? Do you even know what it looks like when wearing one? I have worn one. Believe me when I say, simply having it on does not distort your view in the way that you have depicted. Nice try but, you need to try harder to keep up with what you have stated. Personally, I really do wish that @Sven would be able to be more involved in the event planning. At least he tried his best to be fair to everyone.
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    Small update for those who don't use Social Media: Blast your enemies away or temporary disable them with the newly released clay mores and bear traps! Out now in the Open World game-mode.
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    Thank you @Sven. This is an awesome patch. It has taken a while to put it all together but your hard work is very much appreciated. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!
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    Servers are back online.
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    We are experiencing an issue with our servers; we are sorry for the longer downtime. Shouldn't take that long anymore.
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    We have big plans for the Survival Gamemode, I believe the best thing is to make the loot and stats comparable to how they were on the original WarZ, and keep open world as is, for the "fun crazy pvp" that some players like
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    Hello, so basically I want to explain you guys, why snipers actually do kill the game. This is actually based on Feedback which new players gave to me. So let's start with a fresh and new player, which is hyped to play the game. Let's imagine him joining Colorado and he's like, ok, let's see what we can do. The first thing he's going to notice is the huge amount of snipers shooting around. He literally has nothing in his GI and he can't do anything against people with snipers. Let's get in my position actually now: I have no snipers in my GI, I can't play Colorado because there's only people with snipers there now which I can't do anything against since they just snipe me over long range. So, as soon as I see that the PvP Servers are empty (AR ones) I actually have to exit the game, because I can not play the game because I don't have snipers. And snipers are very expensive. My point now: New players will quickly quit and uninstall the game, because they can't fight against snipers with nothing. I really do think snipers have to be a rare thing, even in open world. There are alot of people who can't afford snipers, which will result in quitting the game, which is bad. We HAVE to do something against snipers, no matter what. Something has to happen. New players are tired of getting sniped over and over again which I fully understand. ^^ Hope you get my point, Cheers.
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    Some time ago I wanted a market that sold players' weapons/itens bought by NPC and placed on a "shelf". The purchase amount by the NPC would be set by the stock. The sale value as well. The idea at the time was to eliminate trade servers and trade via browser to put trade players in the game. A lot of time is wasted selling a product via chat. And if you want to sale/buy some item you can't stay all the time in the trade lounge. This will help player to buy and sell itens and make the guy who have 1000 SVD but even a 10 heavy sell snipers to buy heavy.
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    Also let me add here that I'm rather new here, and a had NOT said anything about any Devs UNTIL NOW. I mearly pointed out that when Steve or ANY DEV is needed no one came. You allowed verbal abuse To go on for days. That's not over worked...that's neglected or willfully ignoring a problem hoping that your noisy PVEer pop will quit. Funny, after the guy called you guys nincompoops you even considered his ideas but bashed every one else. Your priorities are messed up dude or this guy was created by you guys... Read his OP...not my words. I always take special consideration for the words of the man who calls me a an idiot...you guys are special.. *******Edit******* I tried to multi quote a post by DNI_Adrian on Aug 3 rd that drives home my point that neither of us are the ones to call the Devs anything neg, just stressing that even the Devs weren't safe from his verbal abuse while it was going on. I ask which one he called that bc he was being just as offensive to you guys Ashe was to us. Yet no one came. You let players get verbally abused and it wasn't right. Where was you guys duty to moderate YOUR FORUM and protect YOUR regulars like even me now I guess from people like that guy you just said "um yeah , it's ok we will listen to ya after you abused our people like that.. just try to be be respectful next time".... That makes a VERY BAD impression on new people of your game!!!!
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    I personally stopped playing survival as it does not much differ from GlobalWorld mode. With this fact in mind, the following is worth mentioning: 1. Too much primary loot around in general (weapons, ammo, attachments, armor). This should be removed, and rarely spawn at a few spots only. The original WarZ balanced that to military spots such as bases, mil. cars, random crashed helicopters, police depts. 2. Sniper rifles and good AR be extremely rare. 3. Crafting ingredients loot be much more common, and crafting be less demanding to quantity of the loot. I would personally like an idea of farming ingredients and easy crafting armors, ammo and attachments. Don'make me look for the same loot all day long to craft one armor. It is not worth efforts at all, using it with all those random deaths from groups of macro users or illness. 4. Make simple ARs with less damage, less rate of fire, more sway and recoil, than in OpenWorld Promote use of melee in pvp. 5. No grouping. No clan tags. 6. Wipe, yes. 'Rust' has regular wipes, 'DayZ' has no GI at all. You also have to think about constructions wipe, to avoid building spam like in 'Miscreated'. That's okay to make this kind of difference between OpenWorld and Survival. Probably partial wipe would be okay. I would suggest partial wipe every quarter, seasonal wipe. This will most probably make you promote Survival here and there, post videos, stressing pros and pressing cons if the wipe. 7. Make days different one from another. Someday cloudy, someday shiny, the other day with random thunders and flashes, etc. Thx for supporting this game, guys.
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    What if the spawned cars eventually broke down with random problems not only from one but even from two or three and need parts to make them run again????Then you have 2 options....leave it or look for those parts to repair them(new items maybe but really rare...different for every type of car...batteries,wheels,spark plugs, oil... make the gas little bit rare not droped from normal zombies but find it only in gas stations,abandoned cars even in airdrop....Ofc always gonna be the danger someone else have one or all parts repair it and take it.... I hope this is a good idea-suggestion
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