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  3. In my opinion, what's missing in this game is nostalgia. Good ole' classic iss. Infestation was great back then, people left and the game was shut down because of cheaters they couldn't handle. Now imagine that game with fred's anti cheat, yeah sounds amazing right? Trading, balanced loot and game economy, fair pvp and an element of surprise, that's what makes a great game. I remember when there were 100 servers, you'd jump through them looting the airport, norad etc.. find a vss, log out then go to an empty server to run to the a safe zone. And then you'd log in to 001 in blue ridge and trade. Those were the fun times. Trading is HUGE in this game, find a way to make looting fun and consistent. Don't go around changing snipers' drop rates every now and then, be consistent like it once was.
  4. I have been doing some thinking about what is missing from the game. I've come to the conclusion that there are 2 basic things missing. 1) FUN. Now, I know that a great deal of you will say that 'This is a fun game' And you are correct. However, there is still fun that's missing for all players. Which brings up point #2 2) A Challenge. The game in general has become complacent. It's more repetitive than anything else. A) you log in. B) you choose your game type. C) you either kill zombies or kill each other. In other words, Log-in, kill, repeat. What I am wondering is what happened to the challenges and missions? If they were incorporated back into the game, in addition to the weekend events, the game would be more interesting. This would especially be true with missions. Give the players something to achieve. Make missions where you have to track down a certain item, or kill a certain zombie in a specific location. Or, how about transporting items from point A to point B and so on. What do you think @Sven, @Fred, @3lias, @ElChupacabra, @Steve? Bring back some fun to the game. You may even be able to attract some more players old and new. Have a Nice Day!!!
  5. make more loot, ammo and medicine in the game
  6. Friends, Come join along for some Friday music and fun with go o'Stinefelt and get ya some community boxes. Will be streaming live: Thanks, Stinefelt
  7. Chère communauté, C'est presque le week-end et cela signifie qu'il est temps d'organiser un autre événement le week-end! Cette fois, nous avons un peu le même thème autour du "double" où nous ne faisons quasiment que deux événements connexes. Pour ce week-end, il sera diffusé en direct pendant la période suivante: DÉBUT: 15 novembre 2019 à 12h00 (heure d'Europe centrale) FIN: 18 novembre 2019 à 12h00 (heure d'Europe centrale) Passons maintenant aux détails sur l'événement de ce week-end: Double réputation dans les serveurs PVP. Sur tous les serveurs PVP, toute la réputation gagnée sera doublée. Double récompense skinbox dans Battle Royale. Après avoir gagné une partie de Battle Royale, vous recevrez deux boîtes de Battle Royale au lieu d’une. Double le risque de peaux rares provenant de X boîtes de peau. Nous avons doublé les chances d'obtenir un skin rare / épique issu du: skinbox Revolution, Dragon & Black Night. Doublez les chances d'obtenir un butin rare chez les Super Zombies, Alien Super Zombies et Toxic Super Zombies. Dans Open World et Survival, les chances d'obtenir un objet rare parmi tous les types de Super Zombie sont doublées. ROUTINE: Rotation de carte Battle Royale Comme toujours, la carte principale et unique de Battle Royale sera modifiée. Cette fois, nous passons de l'Arizona à l'Arena. Note: Nous changeons la rotation decarte dans le jeu en mode Battle Royale chaque semaineraison de la faible quantité (er) des joueursjouent Battle Royale. Si vous avez des suggestions, des idées ou des commentaires, veuillez nous en informer à l' adresse http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/5388-maps-battle-royale/. VENTE: Vente de serveur privé à Hong Kong! Il y a maintenant un rabais de 20% sur toutes les locations de serveurs privés à Hong Kong. Cela signifie qu'il est désormais 20% moins cher de louer un serveur privé pour ce week-end seulement! Obtenez vos nouveaux serveurs privés de Hong Kong maintenant! MARCHÉ DE VENTE: Vente de recette de peaux d'or, de skinbox et d'autres peaux! Cette fois, nous faisons une vente sur les peaux d'or. Certaines des peaux d'or sont disponibles à l'achat direct sur le marché du jeu et la skinbox Gold bénéficie d'une réduction de 25%! De plus, quelques autres skins plus aléatoires sont disponibles sur le marché du jeu cette semaine! Remarque: cette vente étant hebdomadaire, elle a déjà commencé avant l'événement du week-end et n'aura pas les mêmes heures de début et de fin que l'événement. Faites-nous savoir ce que vous pensez de cet événement du week-end afin que nous puissions utiliser ces informations à l'avenir pour de nouveaux événements du week-end! Si vous avez des idées ou des suggestions, n'hésitez pas à les partager. Nous pourrons peut-être utiliser votre idée pour les prochains événements de la fin de semaine! Si vous rencontrez des problèmes avec le jeu, contactez-nous via les médias sociaux ou créez un ticket d'assistance à l' adresse https://playnewz.com/support.php/. Pour tout commentaire sur le jeu ou sur ce correctif, veuillez nous en informer à l' adresse http://playnewz.com/feedback. Si vous souhaitez partager vos suggestions et vos idées pour le jeu, veuillez nous en informer à l' adresse suivante : https://suggest.playnewz.com/. Pour rester à jour sur les temps d'arrêt des serveurs et des correctifs, veuillez nous suivre sur nos médias sociaux: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Infestation.NewZ/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/infestationnewz Discord: https: // discordapp.com/invite/thenewz Bon week-end!
  8. Dear Community, It's almost weekend again and that means time for another weekend event! This time we have a bit of a theme around "double" where we are doing pretty much double related events only. For this weekend event we'll have it live the following period of time: START: November 15, 2019 12:00 PM (CET) END: November 18, 2019 12:00 PM (CET) Now, let's jump into further details about this weekend's weekend event: Double Reputation in PVP Servers. In all PVP servers all reputation gained will be doubled. Double skinbox reward in Battle Royale. Upon winning a Battle Royale game you will receive two Battle Royale boxes instead of one. Double the chance of rare skins from X skin boxes. We have doubled the chance of getting a rare / epic skin from the: Revolution, Dragon & Black Night skinbox. Double the chance of rare loot from Super Zombies, Alien Super Zombies and Toxic Super Zombies. In both Open World and Survival the chance of getting a rare item from any type of Super Zombie is doubled. ROUTINE: Battle Royale Map Rotation As always, the main and only Battle Royale map will be changed. This time we are changing over from Arizona to Arena. Note: We change the map rotation in the Battle Royale game-mode every week due to the low(er) amount of players playing Battle Royale. If you have any suggestions, ideas or feedback please let us know at http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/5388-maps-battle-royale/ SALE: Hong Kong Private Server Sale! There now is a 20% discount active on all Hong Kong private server rentals. This means it is now 20% cheaper to rent a private server for this weekend only! Get your new Hong Kong private servers now! MARKETPLACE SALE: Gold Skins, Skinbox and other skin recipe sale! This time we are doing a sale on the gold skins. Some of the gold skins are available for direct purchase in the in-game marketplace and the Gold skinbox is on a 25% discount! Also some other more random skins are available in the in-game marketplace for this week! Note: This sale is a weekly one so has already started before the weekend event and will not have the same start-end times as the weekend event. Please let us know what you think of this weekend event so that we can use that feedback in the future for new weekend events! If you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to share that as well as we might be able to use your idea for upcoming weekend events! If you experience any type of issue(s) with the game please contact us through social media or create a support ticket athttps://playnewz.com/support.php/ For any feedback about the game or this patch please let us know at http://playnewz.com/feedback If you'd like to share suggestions and ideas you have for the game please let us know at: https://suggest.playnewz.com/ To stay updated regarding the patch and server downtime please follow us on our social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Infestation.NewZ/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/infestationnewz Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/thenewz Have a nice weekend! // Sven // The New Z - Staff Team
  9. Nato,clearview,ridgeway,boulder,campos. nato being the most popular atm.
  10. https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Infestation%3A The New Z
  11. Where are the pvp locations that people are fighting at?
  12. I agree Suzuki Vitara is new cool and how do you like the new Suzuki SX4?
  13. I aggree totally with you to have at least in game haracters like now with vault (NPC? not sure how they called) but until then why not have this idication its faster and easier solution i think
  14. JKS


    If we have a browser trade system this way should to be easy to make. I don't understand why we use a game server to trade itens. Browser is more fast and the players don't need stay in game to sell or buy itens, just a litle check in market page and play the game. More players in game.....
  15. KOTAZ


    Personally I think this is a great idea and would be a nice added feature,
  16. TEAM NAME AND TAG*: HeadShotDead [HSD]COUNTRY/REGION: FrancePLAYERS**:1. 331 spray2. War path3. Billy264. So Legit5. PlayOne Hand6. Ketman7. Mr Belge8.
  17. TheWraith


    Is there a way to put on every player something like Rep indication so others can see if the player who wanna trade have -rep or +rep??? In that way we can avoid bad traders or make good deals with nice traders.Now for example i only see players just give reps but i can remeber always which is good or bad.
  18. We are rolling out a hotfix to fix some issues related to Patch 8.0 Here is more information: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/8493-patch-80-hotfix-1/
  19. Friends, We live, come hang out and have some fun. Thanks, Stinefelt
  20. Dear Community, We are rolling out small hotfix to fix some Patch 8.0 related issues. We have also made some smaller improvements. Let's jump into the hotfix notes: The first aid kit now grants 800 health instead of 400. The hit marker will now only show when damage is actually (confirmed) to be done to an enemy. Added a reward to the level 4 account reward. (When you reach level 4 you will receive some more global inventory slots) Fixed an issue causing shots not to register due to a collision / hitbox bug on players. Fixed a bug causing mission map icons to show the incorrect mission stage when logging in with a half-done mission. Fixed several building physics issues. Note: Patch notes might be changed if we need to fix or add something. Hotfix is rolling out as we speak. Once again thank you for your great support! Want to support us even more? Make sure to share these patch notes with your friends and followers! Need support? Discord: https://discord.gg/nethertuc Website: http://support.fredaikis.com/ <- Create a ticket there under the "Nether: The Untold Chapter" section. E-mail: [email protected] <- We will help you from there. Feedback? We highly recommend to join us on our forums at http://forums.fredaikis.com/. Just create an account (scroll a bit down on the home page) and you'll find the Nether: The Untold Chapter section. There is all the room for you to create threads about your ideas or to report any issues. You could also share them through social media however it's best for us if you'd use the forums for this. Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NetherTUC/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/NetherTUC Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1010270/Nether_The_Untold_Chapter/ Discord: https://discord.gg/nethertuc YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5HV4MZx9yq53vogFrrPQwA/ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/NetherTUC/ Website: https://nethertuc.com/ Wiki: https://nether.gamepedia.com/Nether:_The_Untold_Chapter_Wiki Best Regards, // Fredaikis
  21. т Привет Свен! Пишет тебе ваш бывший игрок! Которого забанили за просто так.... Тех поддержка у вас откровенные мудаки! Совершенно не хотят решать проблему и разбираться! Им просто похрен на все! Проиграл у вас очень много лет и все было отлично, а тут поиграл и вышел и видимо какой то админ забанил в ручную не за что! Может его не надо было убивать а я убил?)) Скажи могу ли я решить вопрос лично с тобой?
  22. TEAM NAME AND TAG*: KawaiCOUNTRY/REGION: RuPLAYERS**:1. arab 2. ALEN3. ITACHI4. Egoist5. куррррррр6.
  23. Hey! Thanks for this feedback!
  24. You know it has no sounds right?
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