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 The New Z - Valentine 2020

Will you be New Z's Valentine? Valentine events for New Z have started!

The New Z - Update

Patch 2.44 in Infestation: The New Z is out now!


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    • PLEASE. READ THIS ENTIRE POST. YOU MAY FIND WHAT I HAVE TO SAY RELEVENT TO THE ISSUES PRESENTED. I have, for the better part of the last 2 1/2 years, been trying to get the attention of the admins about these very real issues. Whether it was just a lack of interest, or a lack of understanding that we are not programmers per se. What we are, are a group of players that are passionate about the games we play. After logging countless hours playing games like this one, that we can see what issues are detrimental to the overall gaming experience. I played Aftermath. I also spent a lot of money on it. I have tried to make suggestions that would enhance NewZ. But, alas, they fall mostly on deaf ears. It wasn't until recently that I have seen some of the issues finally being addressed. As for the purchase of Romero's Aftermath, I suspect that that had already happened. Just look at the zombie models, the building models, and many other items that are currently in use in NewZ. The similarities are too close. In fact, that was what drew my attention to NewZ. I had found a game that closely mirrored the good qualities of Aftermath. I know that the developers are working to make some improvements. However, they are also hampered by bad, and sometimes, horrible ideas that seem to move to the forefront of what is implemented in this game. Ideas like adding a glut of boulders and trees in the most unlikely places all with the idea that it 'would make the game safer for PVP players'. That it would, 'Give players more places to hide'. However, it has had the opposite effect. It has made the game more difficult to maneuver around the map. In particular, trees that have been placed in the middle of roads, trees placed physically inside existing buildings, trees placed with limbs and branches protruding through block walls, and hysterically, trees placed in the middle of boulders, and boulders dropped on existing fencing. When I tried to point out the issue of these placements, I was basically told that it would benefit all players. I have to say that I am a PVE player. I don't care for the PVP aspect of this game because of what @Darkio said in the opening to this thread. I admit, I'm not the best PVP player. Hell, I'd go as far as to say that I am terrible at that mode of play. But a player with moderate skills doesn't stand a chance against the amount of players that stack the game and make it impossible for anyone else to enjoy themselves. Personally, I don't understand what pleasure those players that relish in the fact that they just have to sit and wait to pick off spawning players. It's like hunting in a shooting gallery. All the targets will come to you if you just sit and wait. I have even tried, with the support of a few other players, to convince the admins and developers that the weekend events were far too lopsided and benefited the PVP player over any other group. Oh, it improved for a time, but it is slowly slipping back to what it was before. The biggest benefits are for the PVP and BR players. The rest of the player base get the leftovers. I was impressed by the recent Valentine event. The best part of it was, you weren't restricted to only a few select locations to garner the event specific items, you could find them on the entire map. Special locations to have their benefits, but overall they are counter-productive to the overall idea of the event. For example, Items that are restricted to a specific location because, during the event, the servers become inundated with players that are only there to collect all the items, thus leaving the solitary players with nothing but the scraps. (BTW, this is another reason to limit clans. Not just in PVP, but in the game as a whole). These, and so many more issues, are the reasons there isn't a more permanent player base. In my experience in this game, and yes, I'm still holding out hope that things will change, much like I did when Aftermath was dying. But if things don't change, NewZ will cease to exist. I have adopted the practice to no longer accept friend invites. I have had some friends that were fun to game with. But, it always ends the same way. They leave because they are unhappy with the progression of the game. This includes some of the rude behavior of the admins, developers, and mods in these forums. They became disenchanted by the way they were treated when they tried to present problems to the support team. Although a small amount of these things have been addressed, there are still problems. It's nice to see @Fred and @3lias taking a more active part in these discussions. I fear, however, that this is just superficial attempt to appease the masses. It is my hope that I am wrong about this, but only time will tell. The bottom line here is, very old issues that have plagued this game are still present for the most part. With the game being upgraded to a 64bit platform, I hope the issues can be better addressed more efficiently. Here's hoping for a brighter future for Infestation: The NewZ.
    • ask them the fredaikis company to buy Romero's aftermath license  I saw a video someone post in youtube the romeros aftermath 2.0 game which was previousely were shut down by the original developers of war zthat develop it in 2015 I think  it is good start to upgrade the game by asking them to buy the Romero's aftermath license with the new engine of war z
    • TEAM NAME AND TAG : 331K The Beast  COUNTRY/REGION: INDONESIA PLAYERS** 1. Jack The Ripper 2. DEGREE ONFIRE 3. ACE BLUE  4. ANTI AIMBOT 331 5. HJHJDO NGOC 6. Zduythanh 7. C A N N A B I S  Discord : https://discord.gg/Fn56Ru
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