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    • It's so very disappointing to see people like @JKS and @Saul Goodman asking for a wipe. I mean, what's the point of doing a wipe (btw, there was a major wipe of lockers. I lost a lot of money with that one) If you want to consider a wipe, Look at all the stupid trees with branches protruding through solid walls. Trees that resemble 40' bushes due to the fact that the lower branches protrude into the ground blocking the view which hampers any player from going from place to place. And then you have zombies appearing in random locations that make no sense.  Forget all the idiotic wipes and FIX THE BROKEN GAME. What is broken you ask? How about the one major feature that is broken is all the zombies that no-clip through anything and everything. Take for instance a helicopter crash. Zombies spawn inside the helicopter and then just no-clip through the side. Or how about the ones that are on the opposite side of the chopper and just run through it like it's not even there. Plus, why is it that players still have to jump to get up a curb when all you should have to do is walk up it? Or, how about driving along and suddenly your vehicle is tossed into the air, you get disconnected, and when you reconnect you find that you died therefore losing everything you had in your backpack. Screen freezes, glitches, disconnects and the like are just not acceptable. Keep creating more and more skins, which, by the way, are just reworked old skins with new patterns and colors. I try to play every now and then, hoping against hope that SOMETHING will be better. The only real progress (?) you have made is to lose some very good developers. 
    • I just suggest not to change the quality of loot, but to greatly reduce its amount on the map. When there is a lot of loot, it gets very boring to loot. Items are just everywhere, at every turn. Do this and it will add interest in survival. It is very stupid that even on a farm or in a small village you can find military loot (different armor and rifles). Finding any loot is too easy now. You just go and collect everything. It's not interesting. More zombies in big cities and military bases, less loot. And I strongly advise you to reduce the quality of loot in large crates, which are located in Boulder City, Superior Junction, etc. Each crate contains 2 AK or 2 M4. This is too much. I want to look for loot and not just collect it at every step. I'm not even happy that I find a firearm in the form of an AK or M4. You are misleading the players because the description of survival says that the loot is RARE One player quote from discord: Right now pretty much every place is easy and this is why there can only be little loot, and this is why looting gets boring. There is no challange and there is no reward. Imagine if the zombies were an actual challange. Now a mass of zombies can be just pulled out of their zone until they are stuck, or you can just climb onto something and hit them for free. While the latter is somewhat "realistic", since you could do that irl, the first option is quite sad. Also, if SZs could climb and thus actually be a challenge, maybe at a cost of a bit lower HP, certain places could contain more loot while being harder to get - thus being reliably rewarding. The places that are "easy", would have little loot, but good for starters, and the places that are "hard" - more. What I would like to see is an overall DECREASE in loot in general, but more challenging ways to reliably get MORE of it The airdrops and helis are a step in a good direction, but that's not it yet.
    • This happens for years now and they didnt fix it...but dont worry they gonna make a new shiny skin instead !!!🤣
    • * This game is crashing a lot now. ever since patch 4.0. Anyone else? + This game hasn't crashed since the 64bit was released. O_O - Now I've crashed 4 times and froze up 1 time. So the patch 4.0 messed something up. besides the high jump. ... and this pc plays gtaV very well. like it's fixing to do in a minute. lol!
    • The problem is: Snipers are easy to use. Not have weight and you don't have to stop, aim and shot, just kik scope and turn like a twister. IF the snipers are hard to use in close range, they not use that in city.
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