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  2. Ive had this happen a few times but when using dx, bandages, meds, ect from quick slots using the # keys makes the sound, makes the motion, removes the item used but does NOT add health, food, drink whatever. But IF I open my backpack and "USE ITEM" it does what it was supposed to. It seems to lock into this ( ie it doesn't catch up so its not a lag issue) and I watched my ping and FPS and they both stayed within reason ( FPS 32-50 and Ping was 57-110 ) I can log out and reload and it goes back to normal. Im going to try to get this on vid next time it does it so you can see it, just wondering if others had issue with it as well.
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  4. I don't mind building in pve, as long as both the NPC's AND PLAYERS can damage certain type of materials, or all at certain rates. wood, would most certainly fall apart after enough SAW action, where metal requires longer (as axes & hatchets do more damage to metal than bullets; so close attacks are needed--defending becomes easier for high ground, and force clans to sacrifice) and concrete need explosives. Building bases inside of heavy zones (like NATO for example) and just doing it in the middle of a hangar, and only players knocking it down seems redundant. what stops a clan from building a base in the middle of the strip, and hold it? after all only players can knock it down. you'd think the super zombies could at least punch into the wooden walls and destroy them.... I mentioned using lesser weapons (such as pistols--you claim have pretty much no use in any game ) since mechanisms inside the trigger house (such as pins & springs) can be used to make a basic a KEY LOCK. It gives use & value to weapons in your inventory tree without having the need to add even more to your dev inventory. It is why I made such examples. Farming laser sights for trip alarms would be a great example of taking something that has no value anymore in the game & giving it some. GI lockers should be ultra rare to find or purchase via GC only. this will help drive in revenue, and place PL (black personal lockers) in a more vulnerable state, would give need for base building in both PVE & PVP. If you do, like SOUND HORNS, (in my opinion) hack tools should be ONE USE items with a 30 sec timer with a HIGH fail rate. The drop rate can be less rare/ uncommon & takes 6 or 7 (sometimes by odds on the first try should be possible too) would be appropriate average. 2-3 mins to get back, giving the player the chance to defend his base and increase engagement is the goal.. this would be it. If not logged on, and raided, the GI locker would stay, and the PL lockers raided, gone, and safe house destroyed. This will also cause constant rotation of items via "play to player." All of these ideas would be amazing to see implemented. I am interested in sandboxing the building system. I would love to see how the slot placement system would work...it looks like it would replace primary binds, which leaves you vulnerable if no weapon.... this sounds amazing!
  5. thank you for taking time to clarify, that was pretty much what I thought you meant. Sounds exciting to have this as a future patch and I look forward to seeing what you guys do with it.
  6. Yep. And no obviously GI-Access lockers were not part of my point. The locker wipe was just an initial idea. I'm only talking about Survival here. However, if we'd do the hacker item, that item would be VERY rare and would be some "consume" thing that disappears after using.
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  8. This is why I asked if it was lockers in general or just the Black personal ones. That really makes a difference. Im no fan of a locker wipe, wipes of all sorts just push players away. BUT, making some lockers hackable give each player the chance to choose what goes in. I could potentially load a locker with stupid items no one really uses then laugh at someone for hacking into it. Maybe they finally got enough players requesting to build, theyre finally going to make that happen? They seem to follow popular ideas, maybe you were the first and loudest yet they liked enough to try to take their time and do right. AT least they are trying, at least some are listening. At least give those that are a little credit. Also, maybe the reason he responded to a new player on here was to encourage them to interact. As we have seen with others maybe theyre a returning player. We don't know. Don't get too mad til we have all the facts...
  9. Man calm down dude. First of all I can literally quote: "This is just ideas". That means these are JUST IDEAS. Second of that I never said GI-Access lockers should be hack able?' Next to that I don't think I disrespected you at all. After all we are just sharing ideas and commenting on some stuff with our own opinions? So what? Just because I answered this thread instead of yours (which is what I also answered btw) doesn't give you the right to just keep throwing all this stuff. Calm down man.
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    GI Suggestion

    More: Make possible to change item slot
  11. Unbelievable. A new player comes in, makes one posts and you are all over it. How about all the things that actually NEED FIXING!!! I asked about base building a long time ago. I even asked about a vendor in a safe zone so we would be able to sell back our excess stash. Nothing was said. Do I like the idea of base building? Absolutely. It would be especially advantageous on the insanely oversized Oregon map. But, if you make it so people can just hack a locker and STEAL the loot we worked so hard to accumulate... I believe you get my point. Oh, and how many people have raised their ire with talk about a locker wipe. A hell of a lot. I promise you this @Sven, if you go through with any plan that allows another player to hack into my GI locker, I WILL QUIT. WITHOUT QUESTION. Once again you are showing DISRESPECT to those of us that have toiled year after year and had many excellent suggestions for the game that got brushed aside. An NO @Sven, I will NOT spend my time poring over the old posts that have sat idle for over 2 years without so much as an answer. That's a task for one of your people.
  12. With this idea, would you only be talking about the black personal lockers or the white GI ones? The white ones allow direct access it a players main GI so not sure I like that aspect. Also, you said make them so they had to be placed inside a base, with that does that mean each player would have to use one they built or could clans or groups build one they share. Oh and since clans are big on here, maybe make a locker members of that clan share. ( like a clan's GI) Just a thought for something they could do. OW players would still enjoy the ability to raid, be it a players GI or an clans. Even on PVE this still has a lot of potential as players there often vie for loot as it is, give them more to challenge them. There is much here could be done to make PVE play interesting here. Make the thiefs hoods valuable, maybe increase the chance of lockpick while wearing? Theyre already in the game, give them purpose! Just a couple more thoughts, not really related but MAYBE make a spray that says "No begging" or " Beggar free zone" or similar? ( you have one for free skins) Also, is there a way to maybe block the word combination " sell GC " on chat unless its followed by the word "airdrop"? Doing so or finding a way to do so could go a long way to combatting the GC scam posts in trade. Anyway something to think about.
  13. Perhaps even add a "locker hacker" tool, which can be used like 2-3 times per item. Super rare. But allows players to "hack" a locker and get the stuff from it. This counters lockers and gives more reason for players to store loot secured, inside a base. This is just ideas for Survival though. In Open World indeed, this building system would make a lot "less" sense in this perspective. However, maybe we should just do it like this and also release it in Open World so that players can use it there as well but more towards a PVP point of view.
  14. You have any further points. Let's say we do it like this, and this goes for everyone: There would be a resource collection system. Some melees can gather resources such as wood. Resources go to your actual inventory. Using these resources you can build a base. Perhaps with some kind of "flag" or control point that allows you to claim the area. Only you can build there. Base can only be destroyed or damaged with a newly added item: an explosive. About this part not entirely sure yet: either: 1) We nerf lockers a bit; perhaps do a wipe of lockers (move items to player's global inventories of course / give players the chance to empty them) Lockers would ONLY be able to be placed inside a base. 2) We do a wipe of lockers, remove them entirely from survival and add a new item: "storage box" that can only be placed inside base and accessed by anyone. They'd have to "raid" your base to get your loot. Just some thinking, ideas. etc.
  15. @Sven youre very very right in your statement! My last post was more my direct reaction to JKS as some push to change the dynamics of this game further and further from PVE , On the plus side with this at least we can maybe "mine" and get rid of rock piles or " cut " trees growing in the road ourselves LOL. ( Sorry just had to tease you guys on that one I could resist. If I didn't think it up and joke with you, @CampersRUs would!! ) Sounds like an awesome patch! Looking forward to this!!! +1
  16. 1. I get your point. From development perspective we have to always consider both sides. This is also why I answered with what I answered. "If it were put into a PVE scene I'm sure there will be ways to break down someone else's base as well. It kind of depends on what purpose we really give it in the end though. We most likely plan on making it so players can store loot in these bases and that the bases can't be destroyed by other players, only with a certain item. For example an explosive charge or something." ^ This exactly can be put into a PVP perspective AND a PVE perspective. Win win. Would be stupid to ONLY do X for ONLY X amount of people in only X game-mode. Why not catch all the flies at once? Yep.
  17. Here we go again... another of the "every new game feature must be for PVP only" players. UGGGGGHhhhh !!! Its cool yes, still not enough to pull me onto an OW PVP large map server. Why not allow it,? There are PVE only players who OWN private servers who might enoy having something they built on their server. I do a lil PVP... but this kind of mentality is sad really. This is something again brought up and liked by sooooooooo many players. Keep asking, we all have been, and hope for a solution someday! We agree on this.
  18. Hey, thanks for your feedback and sharing your ideas! 1. If it were put into a PVE scene I'm sure there will be ways to break down someone else's base as well. It kind of depends on what purpose we really give it in the end though. We most likely plan on making it so players can store loot in these bases and that the bases can't be destroyed by other players, only with a certain item. For example an explosive charge or something. 2. It would most likely be harvesting based. However, the items should in my opinion go into the player's inventory. Why? Because if you kill a player you should also get his materials. 3. I like this, however right now we will put the focus just at the actual base building system. 4. I think making more weapons relevant also has a lot to do with stats. Some weapons such as pistols are totally useless right now for example. 5. We are aware of this. Working on it.
  19. I like that too and if it was no issue to add, it would have already been in the game. Why can't it added 'just like that'? Database reasons.
  20. Sven


    I mean yeah it's good that you are pointing this out but without any direct reports or proof there is not much I can do with it. Don't get me wrong. Yes we can discuss about this endlessly I can tell you I agree, cause I do. I think we just have to start at this point and if a situation like this occurs, deal with it without just ignoring it. And yeah I totally agree it's *** if you would be getting told "have an issue?" oh, "just quit the game" lol. ......
  21. I love the idea of building a safehouse. I would play open world/survival mode a LOT more if this was a feature in it. Please keep it out of PVE servers. Last thing you want is ppl building bases to the sky with no reason or ability to knock it down. (you cannot kill pve players; you cannot break into GI/P lockers) If you put it into PVE, ppl will just build over, & block zombies, so unless the zombies start fighting back, you can just group them up, build 4 walls around yourself, ramp up & just blast away. Would gathering materials be done via pickup? Or will material harvesting (IE cutting down trees that repopulate; busting rocks that respawn) You already have axes & pickaxes in the games, it would just be sandboxing the material gathering. It would be awesome to force gather over "picking up" materials off the ground. You also have an "invention system" build into survival. It would be great if we could also build, use & upgrade LOCKS & TRAPS. Breaking down parts from things already in the game. ( a good example:: is 1 X premium tool kit | 1 X Rifle Laser | 1X NF M249 | 2 X cross bow = Makes 1 turret. The basic behind it, 1 premium tool kit (duh) for the tools to make it, 1 laser rifle & FN M 249 (weapon with tracking site) and 2 Cross bows, to break down into the the turret stand & trip wire mechanism that activates it. ) For Locks & upgrades you can do 2 things 1 is easy (just add) the other requires a bit of work. You can add 3 door builds (shifty wood, sturdy wood & metal combo, & steel door) and 3 locks (basic deadbolt/key[only person who has lock has key, you can lose key] digital punch code lock, and a retinal scanner lock. OR 2: you can field break weapons for parts reasons. 1 X repair kit | 2 B93R = BASIC LOCK ; 2 Repair kits | 1 X Basic lock | airdrop caller (for dial pad) = DIGITAL LOCK; 1X premium repair | 1X digital lock | 1 X tactical binoculars (reverse engineer the viewfinder) | 3 X bada boom! (wires, & boards) = Retinal scanner lock. Remember too, you can also add a "fail %" as well. sometimes you fail making something, depending on its nature. the better things are, the harder they are to make... The point is you have the chance to make lesser weapons RELEVANT in trading and in game. or add in and do nothing to preserve lesser items. ***There is a a vehicle glitch that may not be addressed. The crash on enter/exit is lesser on North American Servers, but still prevalent. HOWEVER, in light, there is a "ROLL GLITCH" that the vehicles if not on a flat surface, cause to roll until A) something stops it sometimes MILES away, or B) non stop until disappears completely. By the time you reach it (if lucky a tree within walking distance stops it), it has suffered damage, another player has picked it up, or has fallen off the map. No matter the vehicle this happens.***
  22. I get that some issues do take time, Im not discounting that at all. What I am saying is if no one is available, just say it. If a problem is going to take a while, maybe sent a reply saying such. My point, the player should know where they stand with their ticket. If support is overwhelmed, then notify the player the ticket numbers are high. Little things … This is not acceptable @ElChupacabra , and while I am thankful someone did respond, and did explain why his ticket took longer, my point is he shouldn't have felt so left behind that he needed to post in the first place, let alone receive this post days later when others chime in! Thanks for taking time to read and listen to us.
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    For the forums maybe it's not exactly in place how we'd like to have it, our goal initially was that IF Nether were to get a big forum community to move it over to it's own. In the end the Fredaikis forums are the 'Fredaikis' forums where we'd like to have all of our games in one place. Maybe that format doesn't work, or maybe (which is what my opinion is) it's not set-up correctly at the moment. Maybe the games should be divided more clearly. Anyways, about further forum feedback you could always post stuff here: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/forum/84-forum-suggestions/ You are right, and yes it is totally true our PVP community is pro as hell. In this sense we do kind of have a problem. It does have a theoretical easy fix which is by getting more players but in reality that's the hardest task of all. @Sven Thank you for trying. As for getting/ keeping players, much of what we have said even though not easy, would help. You cant keep/ or attract new players especially when they see players called such as " Thai dogs" in open chat. I was nowhere near kidding about the verbal abusiveness that played out. ( I know this can be reported, not my point). My point is that some of those prized players comments run people off, and they don't care. They have on more than one occasion, ( even on this very forum in the past) told me and others to quit the game... not a peep from a mod... crickets! Im stubborn and I don't run off so easily, but how many silently read that and left? How many waited days on replies from support and said screw this or worse had been one of the people who got short replies that didn't answer anything or suffered when tickets closed quickly? Yes, some of this was resolved, yet some is "overlooked" because of who a player is. Like I said in short its going to be hard to bring in players with big name high point ( negative and positive rep) players getting passes. There are some of the pro players who don't resort to this asinine behavior, but a few too many do.
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  25. Mmm first of all I do appreciate the time you took to write this, after all it’s a bit much, but what’s needed is needed. I do think you got my point wrong though; I never intended like this. It was more from a perspective if you could send me some threads you 100% liked to have answered. That’s what I was asking for. Not to send me all the threads that are unanswered. I do know Chupa intents on spending more time on the forums to make sure, nothing goes unanswered. At the same time I do the same. However it can still happen that something slips by. Regarding your tree situation; this never came to my attention / I am unaware of anything here. Regarding your vehicle point: yes we are aware of the vehicles being totally broken. However I supposed most issues were related to crashes and not really the “stats”. If this is the case like you are saying I don’t see a reason why not to look into this and at least try to improve it, right? I wasn’t aware of this, my bad i guess. Regarding Steve’s answer that sounds totally idiotic and is not an answer at all in my opinion. Would you mind linking me just that thread? Besides everything I do think boulders and stuff should be placed on the roads, and if vehicles “glitch / get stuck” on them, why not look for example in the collision mode? I’m sure we can make that smoother and work from there.. but yeah, hard to know when you’re not aware of that Regarding the arrow situation; yes I know. And no, I never said I WOULD compensate. I said; if that’s the case then you SHOULD get a compensation. I remember that update I think I was on vacation for 2 weeks then: not sure how / why this change even took place in the first place. Can’t remember. Yes I brought it up. Nothing came out of it. Unfortunately. ... Regarding these zombie issues, I’ll try to find back these threads and work from there I guess. You are right about the linking threads part. However, look at my point of view as well. If it’s my mistake, then it’s my mistake. Sorry for that. I guess I just have too little time in my life. not sure what to answer to that. Issues regarding the game are being addressed, and are prioritized and are worked on. If you think we don’t, then you can think that, I can’t really make more out of that. Myself personally not working with this either way so it’s gonna be hard convincing you here but yes we are working on this. If something occurs, we deal with it. In way I can’t answer to that last part cause I simply can’t. If this is the case it should get picked up by those responsible and fix it. I do agree that comments from certain staff and way of handling in some cases is disrespectful. If there is accounts or comments or anything that disrespectful this should be handled instantly. If it’s not, then you are right there is something clearly going wrong here too. I know some threads go answered linked to the support. I don’t think this is a major issue however if you are right about these answers then that is a major issue too. I don’t know what more to say here. I can start blaming people but that won’t help anyone and will just be bad for myself. I can say I can’t do anything about it or that it’s not on me but I shouldn’t say that either. Is there much I can do about it? I mean I have to say yes. Even if there isn’t. One person I know that CAN roll things around is Elias. Have you been in contact with him yet? You probably have but here is his email again: [email protected] i just recommend taking some stuff with him. In the end I am also just sitting here working my ass of for the game (s) / company doing what I can even spending my own free time // not just me.
  26. I am really excited for this update to come and I really like the idea of automatic global inventory organization feature @JKS mentioned above.
  27. *They could slightly improve the game for players who play solo and have the merit of killing an entire clan alone, but they die due to numerical disadvantage. -And the sniper barrel + AWP should be ONE hit at golden bullet in the player chest with heavy armor , BUT the sniper have to a desvantage, low reload, or slow moviment. *The VSS sniper have a much fast firerate than a normal sniper. Fix that. -We need a skins for riot shields to organizate the inventory. *A automatic sistem to organizate all inventory, specialy to rifles, snipers and AMMO. Client side like trade server. The "stash itens" make the inventory a caos. -The riot shield might have a new drawing to prevent the use of a bug. or Temporarily ban players that use the bug and clean up their experience tree. Thks for all.
  28. you need feedback ? ppl tired of campos rocky clear colorado. Its so hard for work about Caliwood map in the survival ? P,S, so much resolution about competitive mode AND?? nobody plays that. online has drop. hear you community or last player has leave finaly this game
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