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  2. Hump Day !!!!!!!!!!! ATTENTION EVERYONE Stream Starting Soon https://www.twitch.tv/ofctb Patch 2.34 HYPE!! Drops Enabled @infestationnewz @Retweet_Twitch @TwitchTVOnline @fredaikis @TwitchReTweets @TwitchRetweetsU @xidaxpcs @ThatTechShopRT @ThatTechShop
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  4. @Steve Thank you. Good to hear as I know other players have had this issue as well! Any ETA for the new patch to solve this?
  5. The next patch should be very very soon. Like within 30 days or so it sounds. The dev team is working really hard to retool this game and am proud of them for making this leap. Each event "season" is 30-45 days. So I would say around that. Getting into the game now, and building up an inventory is very crucial. we don't know once they restructure the inventory severs, if they will remove some item to fit the new ones, or if the items gain new life thru use (which is what this thread has been about). Once this leap is made, there will be a large influx of players testing it out, and many will stick around. @Sven and the team made a giant successful choice of adding this new mode into the game. It increases the learning curve, but will be one of the first F2P complete MMO surivival on the market. We're gonna see players jumping from Apex/Fortnite/RUST, BACK to this. The market currency system will be all over the place until this settles.
  6. Sounds like sandbox/beta testing on PVE servers first. and then Open World servers.
  7. Looks like i'm gonna not play year or so . This NEED to be in this game.
  8. I agree everything about colorado v1. colorado v1 is the most fun to play survival and so it is always the most crowded (alias the only one). but the drop is very scarce. it is necessary to farm a full day to be able to play 2 hours of PVP. another point is the crafts. are very difficult to make and demand many slots in the inventory. it is rare for you to have the preference of holding a metal scrap instead of any other item. the crafts need to be easier to complete, perhaps with greater drop in ingredients. would be a great solution and would help in the meager loot. It is still very difficult to find an antibiotic in pharmacies. It should not be as rare as it is. perhaps the ideal would be to find 1/2 antibiotics per pharmacy. Actually, the reality is that you need to do like 10 pharmacies to find 1/2. I play with 3 more friends and that's the feeling we have every day: “shit I went all over town to find 1 p90 and drop zombie wraps". this occurs in Campos, which has nothing in military barracks, nothing in the DP and poor parkerville pharmacy. Also in boulder. AND PLSSS improve superzombies drops, they only drop m249, pkm ammo and backpacks. put a chance to drop sniper (5%) and good rifles (15%). PLSSSS. has all the difficulty of killing a superzombie in survival to drop only a backpack, it's very BLEEEEH shit
  9. We will be in contact again since my game worked for 3 days and now I get the same old error message again ''FAC: Driver is not responding'' from one day to another Idk its kinda tilting. Even bought premium yesterday. Last time it fixed itself after about 2 weeks of contact between me and the support
  10. I know the post is old, but the intention is really to talk about the loot as it has done very good by this topic. I was farming on the map last two days and I saw that the loot is really scarce, but more scarce than necessary, which makes the game monotonous, which takes the fun away. we need more chances of dropping snipers. Of course we want it to remain rare, so the fear of dying continues and that is fun. But we also want to find at least a sniper for example in an airport tower, at norad tower. In addition to making the game more fun by the adrenaline of finding a sniper, It increases the number of players looking for these specific locations, which leaves military bases more competitive. More fun and nothing outrageous, after all it would be normal to find at least one sniper from time to time at a military base.
  11. I think you linked the wrong video,
  12. my new video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLe8vv2envc quick scope FRAKII
  13. I know there is a large community that wants this. Look on this thread maybe: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/7995-new-and-real-survivor-mode/&tab=comments#comment-41857 I just answered that as well and that's also related to this. Just personal opinions and personal ideas. Either way: I do have to say one thing. Once again my own point of view. I see in a lot of games, emulators, new games that came out, and still in New Z community asking and saying "yeah just make ISS come back, same stuff and done. Easy as that." "People would play it." "Everyone would play it". And this is NOT true. It just doesn't work like that. I can sit here and explain why in a 100 pages explanation but simply said: time passes, games move on, standards go up, and at some point you can't just "go back". It's the same IRL. When I was little I always had the feeling my grandparents had a 5 story house. In reality they have a 3 story house and over time I got to realize this. People have "sugared" up the old ISS idea so much that the expectations are just too high. Anyways, like I said I can write 100 more pages here but let's not do that. My own point of view either way. However, 1 thing I do agree with: The "Feeling". What was that that gave that to players in old ISS? The loot, the game atmosphere, valuable items. etc. etc. Rather than just copy pasting something back, that won't work any way, I'd like to look at what really gave players that feeling, why, and work from there in implementing that in something similar. Perhaps have certain things EXACTLY the same, but not others. You get my point right?
  14. Maybe I shouldn't write this but I want to share it any ways. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS JUST PERSONAL IDEAS AND OPINIONS!!!! Have thought about this. To be really honest the whole Survival // Open World separation is just a result of decisions on top of decisions where we never really looked at the "bigger picture" from the start. Initially the best would be to have all the game modes gone, just let New Z be New Z, like survival and infestation. Rare loot etc. Perhaps put the Battle Royale as a separate game. Same for Competitive. Wipe New Z. Make a 2.0. New start. Done. Just ideas and opinions.
  15. Sven

    An Apology

    Hi, I'd like to thank you for writing this. Although I am not saying you are totally wrong or anything however I was a little bit shocked yesterday didn't really expect your reaction. Either way, you have and always had valid points and I totally agree some of them are not picked up as well as others. Unfortunately. Let's change that! I love that you write with the yellow text. I always know and see that it's you commenting somewhere haha. Oops maybe I shouldn't have said that. Don't worry about it man. Keep it up! Sven
  16. Good morning Sven, I think a large majority would to be honest,I guarantee if you guys started a kick starter up to fund the project it would get a very decent backing,Even people willing to donate their own time into making assets for you to use in game,i dont necessarily think loot should be "Rare" but snipers should or at least the ammo should be very sought after . Its just sad to see such a great game such as ISS gone,NewZ is a great game i wont lie, me and my friends (who no longer play) had such a blast playing this game ever since it came out but its not ISS that we really always craved for.
  17. Good points. Also about the zombies part we should totally consider that in final build. If zombies do damage to bases yes or no, etc. Although, I have to say I am quite sure that building would only be possible outside of cities and such so in forests where there is no zombies. Most likely not gonna allow players to build in the middle of the city due to too many reasons. Yes. Our initial idea is that players can a build, alone or with their friends, "claim the area" so that other players can't build there. Have a door with a lock on the base so only the owner and friends can get inside the base. Allow players to store loot in the base. And basically work from there. When talking about Survival GI-Access lockers are not released yes and they won't ever be released in Survival. Pretty sure. The lockers part is the hardest point of this discussion. Like mentioned earlier we have to change the way the lockers work or add counters in order for the base building system to make sense. Sand boxing will be available soon. We will allow players to use this system and based on that we'll gather feedback and work towards a final release.


    Игра говно Не играйте Анимация зомби не какая Транспорт не возможно управлять Разработчики займитесь игрой нормально, а не это дерьмо кривое В общем, моя вам оценка из 10/2 УЖАС а НЕ ИГРА !!!!!
  19. I'd personally love a New Z 2.0, separate game, new GI, rare loot, etc etc. My personal opinion though.


    У вас есть все, что нужно, кривая, анимация, боевые действия, боевые действия, вооруженные силы, и все, что нужно для этой игры, - не нужно, чтобы совершить путевую игру, а не это унылое дерьмо !!!
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