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    Police Week Event

    ️ Police Week Event 2019 - End. The event has officially ended however we have decided to extend the DOUBLE XP + GD event for 2 more hours! Enjoy! We have also gifted EVERYONE who logged in the past weekend with a free Police 2019 Box! (That was a part of the event.) Enjoy! Note: M40A1 Remington 700, Light Sniper Ammo, Light Sniper Bullet, SWAT Armor, Aimpoint CS Sight and the Heavy Helmet have been added to the normal (non event) loot tables and are now permanently available in the game! Thanks to everyone for participating in the event.
  3. I stepped through the video frame-by-frame and it seems like you got hit by a VSS or OTS, because your HP decreased before "Freddy" shot.
  4. Yesterday
  5. great game great event cant wait to play more
  6. Sunday Madness !!!!! ATTENTION EVERYONE Stream Starting Soon https://www.twitch.tv/ofctb Patch 2.36 HYPE!! Drops Enabled @infestationnewz @Retweet_Twitch @TwitchTVOnline @fredaikis @TwitchReTweets @TwitchRetweetsU @xidaxpcs @ThatTechShopRT @ThatTechShop
  7. dear give the reference please where to direct complaints to mistakes and offers on a gameNEW Z

  8. Good luck to everyone! You guys have our support.
  9. it kills me of white hi t, as it takes away so much life
  10. Last week
  11. Got a server, just looking for a few people to go on with?
  12. Buy Infinity Heavy Armor Buy all Infinity skins Buy SVD Shark Attack
  13. il est placer en F4 copy de zeta force a quelque prêt.
  14. 亲爱的玩家们, 欢迎来到中国社区举办的第一届中国杯。这次比赛是由Infestation:The New Z赞助。这个比赛仅供中国玩家进行。 要求 您的团队需要至少5人。将有5人参加,所以至少需要5人。您可以拥有任意数量的额外球员(预备队员),但只有5人可以参赛。您可以在比赛开始前24小时添加预备队员。 战队和临时组织的队伍都可以。 您的团队必须来自中国。 在你必须同意以下所有规则,才可以报名 规则 MAP:锦标赛地图(游戏将在香港地区的PVP服务器中的活动服务器上完成。) 比赛模式:小组赛BO3淘汰赛BO5 系统:小组赛分为AB组,由循环赛制以甲组为例A1将于其他队伍轮回比赛(A1VSA2 A1VSA3),分数最高的两组晋级.B组同样 决赛以4组进行循环赛,分数最高的将得到第一名,以此类推(决定1VS决2决定1VS决3决1VS决4 ) 第一场比赛日期:待宣布! 设备: 子弹只能用30 仅限钢板+ K头(K夜)。 只有绷带DX.5 个步枪玩家(AR:SIG / TAR / AUG)或4个AR + 1个狙击手(SP66 SRG或SVD或者Blaser R93) )) 最多五个钢盾,每个团队必须使用同样的盾,如果超过5个盾,你和你的团队将被淘汰锦标赛。(不允许使用木盾) 允许附件。(步枪手电筒和手枪)手电筒除外) 一般: 每场比赛限制5分钟。获胜者是拥有最多玩家的队伍或杀死整个敌方玩家的队伍。 不允许上房顶。(帐篷,卡车,公共汽车或任何其他小型建筑物。)允许使用小型汽车,救护车,货车,板条箱和混凝土药丸。 这次不允许任何类型的投掷物品。 如果你死了,你就不能加入服务器直到这一轮结束。 你不能用篱笆上的盾牌或任何物体顶部来增强自己。 如果其他玩家崩溃,那么我们将用喇叭暂停的比赛。没有人可以移动,并且坠毁的玩家只有5分钟可以加入。玩家回来后(喇叭响)比赛继续进行。如果玩家崩溃并带回的物品比以前多,他的团队会自动失去比赛(而不仅仅是比赛) 当两支队伍都准备就绪时,比赛开始。这场比赛在喇叭之后正式开始。 捣乱者该队伍将被永久封号 注册 你必须在贴吧中回复此主题填写并按照此报价,然后发表评论以注册您的团队: 报名将于2019年/ 7/26日截止,或8支队伍。 队伍全名和显示*: 国家/地区*: 玩家*: 1.XXX(队长/领袖) 2.XXX 3.XXX 4.XXX 5.XXX 替补(无限):①XXXX②XXXXX 。玩家必须在比赛开始前通知角色更改/名称更改个人杀害将被计算在内,因此您对对的团队来说非常重要 注册完成之后,每个战队/团队的队长需要加QQ群,Q群145043874以便获得比赛内容,通过需要得知你来自哪个团队的队长。 奖品 第一名:10,000,000 $(GD)+战队盾+战队喷漆! 第二名:5,000,000 $(GD)+战队盾! 第三名:2,000,000 $(GD)+战队喷漆! 比赛的杀人最多玩家将获得10,000,000美元(GD)奖金! *战队盾设计将是无要求的,不同于当前应用程序规定的规则。如果战队已经拥有防暴盾牌,他们可以会要求升级并更改他们的。 我们希望这场比赛尽可能有趣。因此,在比赛期间任何侮辱,小故障,欺骗或任何其他违反规则的行为都将受到惩罚,甚至可能导致禁令。如果5名球员中的1名违反规则,整个队伍可能会受到惩罚。 我们将尝试尽可能多地直播比赛,当然我们将无法覆盖整个比赛,因为会有很多比赛。因此,直接消除期间的每一场比赛都将实时流式传输,并且一些小组赛阶段比赛也将直播 如前所述,比赛由中国社区组织。如果您有任何疑问,请在随时群联系我 玩得开心!
  15. So my game starts to load when I click play, but then it says that it failed to start up the game and gives me this : Failed to start game 0x36b1 (The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail. ). If the problem persists please contact support. I tried to reinstall the game and that didn't help me. PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!!!
  16. Ok. Since this is free premium weekend, I decided to give base building a try. This is what I think. There are 2 major problems with building bases. 1) There needs to be a way for the builder to make changes to the building. For example. If you inadvertently place a ceiling tile on top of a staircase, you should be able to either move or delete the tile placed in error. 2) And this is a big issue. When you are building a base, other people can come along and build onto what you have already worked on. This is a major issue due to the fact that if you spend any amount of time building a base, someone can come along, put up a structure attached to the one you built and basically render it worthless. This made itself blatantly obvious when, while I was building, someone else came along and started building on the outside of my base. This is why I made the suggestion of not being able to build in close proximity of another building/base. If this is not corrected, you will end up with bases that are inaccessible to ANYONE which will only result in the territory being covered by bases that nobody can access. The first issue simply needs to be fixed and everything will be fine. However, if the second issue is not addressed before the release of base building, it will destroy the whole reason for building a base. I am addressing to @Sven @Fred @3lias and @ElChupacabra. Thanks and Have a Nice Day!!!
  17. Vraiment bon événement !!!
  18. Chère communauté, Dans le cadre de la Semaine de la police, nous organisons une vente DOUBLE GC. Cela signifie que tous les achats du GC pour une période donnée seront doublés. Voici les heures exactes de l'événement: Début: le 19 juillet à midi (CEST) 2019. Fin: le 22 juillet à midi (CEST) 2019. Achetez le GC ici: http://playnewz.com/buygc La vente est indiquée sur Xsolla et dans le jeu via Steam. Si vous rencontrez des problèmes ou si vous avez besoin d'aide pour un achat, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter à l' adresse suivante : http://playnewz.com/support Bon week-end!
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