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Suggestions-N-Questions-N-Bug report.

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Since release of Survival mode, I have never had more fun in my (almost) 5 years of WarZ/Infestation, I am really enjoying this game!... I know it's early, and it still has some polishing to get done.... Just wanted to give you guys some quick love for that.

1) Ambient sound at Camp Splinter area 
I have made a topic about this before, and while Havi ensured my that this have been fixed, I must say that I hasn't. True, it's not as much as before, but there's still multiple audio tracks of dogs "looping over each other", and they're still playing for waaay too long at a time.

2) Has the the zombie been nerfed lately? 
Honestly, I have no idea if it's just me that have gotten that much better at dealing with the zombies lately, or if the zombies has been nerfed... I know there's been some "complains" about the zombies, and I haven't seen any patch notification about zombies being nerfed. But at the begnning of Survival release, the zombies felt way more difficult, they could reach further, and they had a faster hit rate contra stunning. Now it feels like they're just like open world zombies, but with required headshots/hits. Personally I don't like this, I really enjoyed the challange... I mean C'mon, isn't this a survival game? There ain't much "survival" about the current state of the zombies. There's other positive aspects of making zombies more difficult, for one, it will change the way people pvp, the way they think and move, making it less predictable, ergo more interesting "IN MY OPINION".

3) Do you guys have any plans on adding more different kind of zombies in the future?
I would not be suggesting this for open world game mode, but since we're talking about Survival mode here, I think it would be fun to see som new kind of zombies in the future... It feels a bit borring, that there's only normal zombies and super zombies... What about something in between? :)

4) All scopes for all guns (survival only).
I know this was up for debate way back, I remember Fredaikis posting something about making it possible to attach all the kind of scopes there are to all types of guns, like reflex sight on a sniper, or a tactical snipe scope on an AR. - Personally I was glad that this never got implemented as I see it as "OP"... But in survival mode I think this could be interesting to at least "try out". :)

5) Add "much" longer duration on shield in survival
This was originally suggested from some1 elese on the forum, but I find it more than worthy to be mentioned again. As shields are rare to come by in survival mode (which imo think is a good thing), you should at least be able to build a stronghold with them together with your friends, just like back in the old days, without having to worry about them exploding a couple of minutes after you deploy em'.


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