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Dear Sven,

I would like to file in a serious case of a fishy and heavy Macro User even though I believe that the NewZ Anti-Cheat is already Robust enough, I believe this player was over-looked.

Personally I have been playing the Infestation Game for well over 3000+ hours so I could definitely feel that this player is way off the normal skill range.

Obviously I have report him on multiple accounts through the in-game report system but it did not work at all.


I have attached Screenshots below of his name and hereby provide his online timings which he is frequent online. He is online everyday from around 2300 HRS - 0300 HRS (UTC+08:00) and he mainly plays EU AR only servers.

Hacker's IGN 2
Hacker's IGN 1


Dear Sven, please conduct a throughout investigation as well as scrutinize his statistics and you will see that he is Macro-ing Hardcore 24/7 which is a Bannable offense to the game, Believe he even turns on Aimbot from time to time and gets away with it!

Look forward to hear back from you Sven, Many Thanks in advance 🙂

Oh yeah and! Svena is a sweet boi 🤗

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