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Ideas and personal observations..

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Everyone time and again has thrown their ideas out there, here is mine to help build and keep player base:

Just a question since you can see the Halloween and Specialist skins better in  here( they look great by the way, wow the detail! 😍) But curious  why are they almost identical in coloration?   Have  you ever thought of maybe updating the skins from the contracts, Ie a new color less like the Halloween color? Maybe make contracts have levels ( you have them for supers, other things)? Maybe make the skins for those different colors and add matching armors/ NVG items. Let them choose at the vending matching which they want but they could cost way more coins for example armors than an nvg or sniper . Maybe let the sniper ammo be buyable, but only at the vending machine and only for specialist coins? 

Maybe instead of players hunting for easy prey they could be more aimed at players of their level or higher  for PVP. Players with no rep count against you regardless good or bad rep  making " bambi " hunting less fun.  Make it a bigger hit to their rep points to kill them and take anything at all dropped. Enough penalty points for this and you begin to lose rank. Make them earn it. Also maybe add some rapid cycling zombies in places where they like to camp.  That forces players to keep moving instead of just waiting on kills to "come to them" .


  Make competitions  ( and maybe a couple pvp servers) divided by skill level.  If you rep out -/ +  for that level you move to a group that's more equal to your skills. Not all "bambis or  noobs" play on the pvp servers at first.  Trying to get stuff to play with takes priority so they find a PVE server, and often they don't play on or learn from the beginner or warm up servers especially when they realize things don't count the same way. The once that don't find such don't last long after being killed for their hard earned loot that often these players don't really want ( they pick up a valuable item or two and leave the rest, even taking the players backpack just to make life harder)  Just some thoughts. 


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