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Surivival Servers and Maps [Poll]

Survival Servers and Maps   

90 members have voted

  1. 1. How many servers you think does Survival need each region?

    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
  2. 2. Which maps should be in Survival officials?

    • Colorado V1
    • Colorado
    • Oregon
    • Caliwood (WiP)
    • Cliffside (PVP)

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On 7/2/2019 at 7:14 AM, Katryna247 said:

@Sven, @Fred, @3lias

Not sure where this goes but I am posting it here because it does involve Survival and WHY people do NOT want to play it. I have been playing Survival for a few days, trying, TRYING HARD to give it a chance. Now after this last event that occurred I will NEVER play this node again!!!! I and a few in game friends grouped, we ALL had civilian, constable, or even better yet LAWMAN ranks. One player in our group the Constable needed some help and myself and another player went to aid them IN the safe zone. We gladly shared our VERY HARD GOTTEN gains with them. As soon as we rolled our (as a group) just as we got out of the safe zone we were fired upon immediately and killed by the so called Constable! This sort of behavior is what is driving players away from your precious Survival game mode as well as PVP! I NEVER again will group with anyone but my wife, and one VERY special person (not naming names but you know who you are) I do NOT care what reputation you have, unless I know you personally, group will NOT happen!! Can you see now now I ONLY will play PVE? It's pretty darn clear....(most but not all) PVP players are @sses. No matter what perks PVP or Survival have or get I will NEVER play in any mode that has ANYTHING REMOTELY resembling PVP!!!!!! This sort of behavior NEEDS to be curbed if you want players to even try Survival mode. I tried it like a fool, but fool me once shame on you, because there will NOT be a second chance unless by a miracle of fate there opens up a PVE Survival board. I now you think that there could be no way but I might have a solution. You could keep ALL the aspects of survival, just minus the PVP. You die and loose ALL your stuff just like now. Loot is rare and hard to find, just like now. The revive timer even stays the same, just like now. Zombies are everywhere and hard to kill without loot, just like now. All that would change is to make the server PVE. Everything else would remain.

And now onto my second complaint about Survival. I know this has been discussed and even voted on, but I still have a complaint/solution that I don't think was discussed. When you die in Survival and have to wait 7min to revive, players get tired of waiting and move on to other things and often times never go back to playing as they are now engaged in other games or activities. My suggestion would be a 2-3min revive time with the player loosing all loot, just like now. The only issue I can see if this were to occur is that other players after looting the dead player would wait and camp, only to kill them again. This wait time was a concern of mine when I gave Survival a try.

About your first part. The game mode called Survival where you have to survive against zombies and players. The fact that you got killed by a guy where you thought he is a friend was your mistake, never trust a player in-game. Anyways that was not the fault of the game mode, it's a part of Survival.

Second part focuses on the fact, that you have 5 characters and 7 minutes revive without premium. This is mainly because you have to becairful and think before you die. Loot will despawns after 10 minutes, so there is still a chance to get it back, depends how you died. In case you died by a player, then he will have a chance to get your loot, which he deserves.

Anyways thanks for your feedback!

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