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Patch 6.0

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Dear Community,

We are going to roll out a small patch to implement bug fixes and our new Mission system.




  • We added a new mission system, and a couple of missions to go with it. Missions will bring something new to do in the game, as well as aid the level-up of your characters. More missions will come soon...

  • Added a HUD icon for anti-nether devices needing repair.
  • Switching between weapons is now slightly faster (less animation time).
  • When switching to a melee weapon only: You can instantly cancel the switch animation to use the melee to block or attack, this should make gameplay feel smoother.
  • You can now switch between weapon slots while sprinting.
  • Added the weapon icon to the HUD on top of the ammo.
  • More fixing has been done regarding the melee hitbox tracing system for nethers, should be considerably better and more consistent.
  • Updated all languages.



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Guys make sure to let us know in the comments / forums what your further ideas are for the game so we can use that feedback! Have a nice day! :)

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мне бы хотелось, чтобы все навыки которые я прокачал остались  у меня ,чтобы  не было возможности качать заново!

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