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I do have to admit. It does look impressive.

However, as I see it, it presents some interesting prospects.

1) If unchecked, I can see massive buildings strewn around every map. This is going to be distracting and counter-productive to the game itself.  There needs to be a limit as to the size of the base. What I can also see, especially on a PVP server is this. A clan builds a massive structure. This sets up the possibility and probability that the members of said clan can simply sit in the tower and snipe other players at will.

2) I also noticed that it is in close proximity to another already existing building. This presents the issue of possibly blocking an area where zombies spawn. This would be a major issue on a PVE server in that we are already having to move from place to place to find enough zombies to kill to be able to complete the existing special contracts. It already takes an extreme amount of time to complete because you have to kill 5000 zombies.

To solve issue #1, I suggest that there be a limit on how large and/or high a base can be built. For issue #2, only allow placement of a base outside the chain limit of the zombies that inhabit the location containing existing buildings.

In addition, there should be a limit placed on how close you can build to another base.

As I said before, base building can add a new dynamic to the game. Especially for the Oregon map that has only 1 safe zone and no bus stops. This also applies more so to the Caliwood map. It has no safe zone. However, like everything else, if it's not kept in check, it can be a detriment to everyone. And could turn in to a game breaker.

@Gotz2Poo, I am impressed with your creativity and diligence. Had it not been for your images, I could not have thought of the issues presented here. Thank You.

Have a Good Day!!! 😎

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