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Missions and suggestions

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This section is designed exclusively to ideas you guys have of what should be invested in as in MISSIONS. 

You can suggest a general idea like "Missions on collecting items for tribe reputation", or more specific like "craft 10 CRU and gain X", and so on. 

You are free to use your imagination, but remember that it's not necessarily possible to be implemented on its complexity might make it not worth it for the time being. 

We will be collecting these ideas and filtering and discussing them. 


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Mission handler : Tribe Manager

Mission : Retrieve <amount> of rival tribe badges.

Reward : Tribe reputation exp. 

Additional : Gains negative reputation exp for tribes which badges were handed in. 

Necessary Implement some kind of badge item that is dropped on players death, but cannot be dropped by player himself. (badge item cannot be stored in GI.) 



Mission handler : Junk Trader

Mission : Retrieve lost package. 

Reward : Player exp. (not overall account exp.)

Additional : Package/s only spawns after mission has been selected. Missions purpose is to be a simple side mission you can pick up before heading out on your journey. 

Necessary Implement a different package model and reduce its weight to avoid confusion between current packages. 



Mission handler : The Order 

Mission : Retrieve <amount> of Nether parts. 

Reward : Order reputation points & selective reward depending on necessary Nether parts to retrieve. 

Additional : Order reputation points could be used for exchanging goods that Order has to offer or add some special Order reputation store. Also given missions would have a re-roll option that could be used 3 times a day. 

Necessary : See Additional ^


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I'm thinking more "dynamic" missions. I have an idea... I call it "Train Shipment Escort".

  • Say there's 5 places along the train track that has to be captured (repaired) before a "TSE" mission can begin. Each place has to be captured/repaired by the same faction for the mission to start, and when it does, a count down will start on the start position on the map, that shows where players have to gather to escort the train to safezone.
  • While players from the same faction are within a certain distance of (moving/mobile)perimiter of the train, friendly fire is turned OFF, and a marker above each player within same faction are shown. This force players from same faction to work together against other factions. - Train should also be attacked by endless waves of Nether along the escort.
  • If the factions that started the TSE mission gets the shipment train safely to Safe Zone, the reward should be huge, - if another faction than the one started it gets to take over the Escort, the reward should be huge too, but "tactically different".
  • Reward should be based on how much "time" each player spend alive within perimiter during the escort. XP should be a rewarded for all players that anticipate in the Escort, no matter if your faction won or not, and x2 or 3 for the winning faction.

Map picture of TSE idea

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