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I really hope you pay attention to this.

Today I want to write about various issues regarding survival and the game as a whole.

To begin with, the updates in the game have become almost meaningless.Only skins are added and on some maps something minimally changes.

Survival is almost not updated long ago.First I’ll start with some things in general.

-Perhaps it is not at all, and I do not have a very powerful computer.The grass in the game greatly reduces my FPS.Especially when I look through binoculars.Maybe you could optimize the grass or replace it with another?It would be nice.

-I rarely play in the open world, so I’ll write it as for survival.The lighting is good only in the morning and in the evening.But during the day it is too light.It would be nice if you made the lighting darker.You wrote almost a year ago that you wanted to change the lighting, but this didn't happen.

Okay, now only about survival...

-Adjust the loot in Survival. This applies more to Colorado V1.Almost everywhere loot is very scattered.Most often this happens on military points, in tents.Going into tents in Boulder City, weapons lie across the tent, and so in each of them.It is worth reducing, because still no one takes so much loot with them.Generally, it is worth reducing the spawn of the guns as a whole. Not much, but worth it.

-I already wrote it once. But why not make it so that the weapons could spawn empty, with half the magazine or brand new e.t.c.It will add variety.

-What about the wear of a weapon and its repair?They shouldn't break quickly, but over time.

-You should reduce spawn of magazines.Because I see no point in crafting ammunition and the rest.

-You could make a different loot in each city or area of the map.Now on the farms you can find assault rifles or SMG's.Should be different.In small towns can spawn civilian loot and assault rifles like M4 SEMI,AKM or M16 in in the police stations.As well as pistols (Jericho, B92, Colt, Anaconda) Shotguns(Mossberg,SAIGA,Double Barrel)Armor (Light body armor and rarely MTV).In big cities, better loot.Rarer assault rifles like AK-47,FN Scar,and armor.And the rarest items only at military bases such as Fn Scar(STALKER's too), Famas, Sig Sauer,PKM,RPK,FNM249 etc. Military backpacks,pistols like Sig Sauer,Five Seven,STI Eagle,Desert Eagle,rare sights and armor.

-Why are there any sheds, lamps, a statue next to the Norad Military Base?Affects FPS.

-When 2 rounds in a shotgun are charged, the animation shows reload with 8.

Thanks for attention!




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In my Opinion a Big yes!

Also, we really Need more updates for Survival! How Long does it take for a currenty in survival?

I think when we get Money in Survival many Players will come to us in Survival and Play / Farm / trade there

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I tottally aggree!! Can i add saying...if its possible to make something like bases or craft stuff???we already have wood or metal (for upgrade base) cuz is really fun to raid bases. After all its survival game

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