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Known Bugs | Stand June 6

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Hey everyone,

I will try to collect all the reports of bugs and issue right here so you can check if your problem got reported already or if the DEV team knows already about it.

Keep in mind, I will try to update that list daily and remove some reports as soon as they got patched.

Confirmed just means if the DEV team tested them.


Confirmed reports:

  • Hitbox of other player is desync with enemies client
  • Sometimes you get stuck while walking against a 1cm height difference
  • Reload animation doesn't exist in TPS
  • Aiming animation is broken in TPS with an assault rifle
  • Arachnid has a really weird path, sometimes it gets stuck at the corner
  • The player is getting one-shot by some Nethers sometimes and receiving a steam achievement
  • You can't use 30/31 skill points in your skill tree, max is 29
  • MACH-9 shots are not registering and not using ammo sometimes
  • Blocking is not working from time to time.
  • Autorun glitch while pressing "W"
  • Hitboxes of Nethers which are close to an object.
  • Safe zone is broken right now, you can't shot but also can't get damaged.
  • CRU is too easy to craft.
  • Small places with flying grass.
  • MP5 capacity desc is wrong.


Not confirmed reports:

  • After surviving a long fall and you get damaged by a nether after, the damage will multiply.
  • After using MP5 the sound disappeared and you can't reload or use any other weapon (restart helps).



Thanks for all your reports and feedback, it will help us a lot by making this game better and better.

NOTE: Map error like invisible walls or flying objects are not listed here because I fix them for the next patch as soon I see the reports.



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