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Supercup 2019 - Every First Match announced

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As we all know, today will begin the Supercup 2019 with a lot of matches. This will be the case for the rest of the week and the regional playoffs (group stages) will take place starting today and they will end next Tuesday, May 7th. 

We will have 8 matches every day, with 10 on Saturday and Sunday. This means a total of 60 matches. 

We have also made sure the time for the matches are reasonable for each region. 

European Matches will mostly happen between 5PM and 9PM (Central European Standard Time)
Asian Matches will mostly happen between 3PM and 6PM (That is 9PM to 12AM Hong Kong Time)
South American Matches will mostly happen between 11PM and 2AM (That is 6PM to 9PM Brasilia Time)

The first matches for every single team has been set and they will be played today and tomorrow, with two matches happening on Friday in the morning. After that, the second round will start. 

That means that every single team will play 4 matches during these 7 days, so be prepared. 

If your team cannot make it to a match at a certain time, you need to let us know with 48 hours anticipation. 

You can see the match times at 



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