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Fire & cooked food

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Add please to the craft menu something like this :

Fire = 10 x wood + 1x gun powder

A fire can be placed anywhere just like a barricade


Near fire you can cook food and boil water :

Big MRE  = Cooked Mre (gives  more health/water stamina)

Can of Soup / Can of Ham / Can of Pasta / Can of Tuna + fire = Cooked/Hot Can of Soup/Ham/Pasta/Tuna (gives more food/health/water)


Empty bottle + use near water = Dirty water 1L

Dirty Water 1L + boil near fire = Water 1L


Raw meat + fire = cooked meat



Ideally fire duration should be 1-3 game hours and after that it has to leave a dirty black mark on the surface. Anyone finding this can have a hint that someone is near him.

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