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AR and SNIPER attachments issue

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Not sure is anyone has reported this yet or not, but the new AR stock and AR barrel fits the Kruger rifle. Last I knew the Kruger rifle was NOT an assault rifle. The new Sniper Barrel does not fit on the SCAR-H rifle. The SCAR-H is a sniper rifle and is banned from non-sniper server, so I am not sure why all of this is occurring.  Also on the infestationnewz.gamepedia.com page, the SCAR-H is listed both as a Sniper AND a Semi-Automatic-Rifle. With this being said, the new Sniper barrel should fit the SCAR-H.

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 The SCAR-H is a sniper rifle.

Info is wrong. The SCAR-H is a 7.62 assault rifle/DMR. But the site has it as 5.56 which is only something the SCAR-L uses, not SCAR-H. There is a reason why these two exist. 

SCAR-H is a designated marksman rifle rounds (DMR). It's not a sniper rifle.

And the game has another thing wrong. 5.56 can be chambered in a DMR clip as seen in NewZ but NOT in the SCAR-H which is usually chambered in 7.62x45

SCAR-H is a DMR or EBR (enhanced battle rifle) The only way it can become a sniper rifle is for it to become MK20 (Scar receiver with much larger rounds. I think 303 if I'm not wrong.)

SCAR-H (Heavy) why it uses 7.62

SCAR-L (Light) why it uses 5.56

Doesn't need a genius to understand this. What makes a Sniper Rifle is ammunition and barrel length. And a barrel that would be used on a SCAR-H is long about 3 inches longer than a SCAR-L generally not sniper barrel so why would a game use a dangerous concept? On a SCAR-H the largest scope I would put on it is a 4.5 or 6xACOG Scope. Nothing bigger.



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