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Caliwood Survival map?

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Hi, I know I am new here, but I am on almost 24/7.   I love the game, wish more players would play but thats out of my control.  I would like to know what are the chances of getting a Survival map of caliwood?  I mean the map is already created, all that really needs to be done is lowering the spawn rates, and adding more zombies in, as well as tampering with the zombie health/headshot etc.  I know I say "all" that needs to be done, like it is an easy job.  I know its not an easy job and will take some time to do the modifications, but is this ever going to be a thing?  I know I for one would love to have cali as a survival map, and I know a lot of others would as well.  I mean dont get me wrong, I love colorado survival, but it gets old after a while, anyways thanks for your time, have a great day!

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