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The Survival Initiative - Academy (TSI-A)

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--- The Survival Initiative - ANOUNCEMENT! ---
TSI Is happy to announce our new "Sub-clan", a clan for friends and fans! - We call it: [ "TSI - Academy." ] And everybody can join!
Why join TSI Academy? - 3 Good reasons:
1) You get access to 3 private servers, 3 different maps. (We only have 1 server for now, the other 2 will arrive right after the next double GC sale).
2) You get to be a part of TSI community/Discord.
3) We have special events every weekend! - Sometimes Open events, sometimes Closed events!
What is required of you? Only 2 things:
1) Commitment. To farm a full skill-tree character!
2) You have to be able to communicate in English.
How to join: Write me on Discord: Kjer#1696 , Arowsky#0040 or SurZeus#3184 a personal message, tell me why you would like to join TSI - Academy, and you will get an invite to TSI Discord, and we will take it from there! 😉

Q: I'm already in a clan, but this sounds really nice, can I be part of this?
A: Of course! TSI-A is not a clan, it's a community for friends and fans of TSI.
Q: This sound too good to be true, no one gives out free server like that! - What strings are attached?
A: No strings (other than the two requirements), TSI's goal with this is to build bridges between clans and communities, and most of all, promoting Survival and help out new players, - and being able to provide a luxurious introductions to the game.
Q: Can you further explain requirement 1?
A: All TSI will ask of you, is to somehow prove, that during the first week in TSI-A, you will have succesfully farmed a total of 35k XP on the character you have access with.
Q: How many characters can I have in TSI-A
A: Every player that joins TSI - Academy, can have 1 character only in the "sub-clan", and you are only allowed to join the private server with that character. You will be able to change your character once every week. . .

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