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Stinebuck's Come Get Them Friends!

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Friends & Community,

 I'm going live and want to give you the chance to have some fun with me and to get them STINEBUCKS! This month any viewer with stinebucks from watching my stream and having fun can buy tickets to enter the amazing giveaway. When the stream is live and you get that notification just be watching and active in chat so you can earn free stinebucks 100 every 10 mins as a pleb, and 500 every 10 mins as a subscriber. Tickets are 5,000 Stinebucks each subs get 10x luck to win, active in chat you receive free stinebucks during the stream so they are very easy to acquire. Each ticket is a chance to win regardless of luck and here is your breakdown;

  • First Place Winner gets 20,000 GC + Gold, Chrome, and Fun Skinbox
  • Second Place Winner gets 15,000 GC + Gold, Chrome, and Fun Skinbox
  • Third Place Winner gets 5, 000 GC
  • Fourth Place Winner gets 3,000 GC
  • Fifth Place Winner gets 2,000 GC


So come join the fun, click follow, or subscribe for the latest news or to show support!

Thank You,


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