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Smoke Grenades in BR

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Heyho Nerds!


I just came across an interesting thought and want to share it with you. The game has those smoke grenades already implemented in the game for years now. They are of little to no use in OW and survival and especially in pvp. But I think they can be amazing in BR.

Why? Well here you go:

a) They add a new gameplay element to BR. Usually position wins and for a few flags there is a certain route to go. Smokes can open new possibilities and clever use is rewarded. You want to cross a plane field? You want to get to the next tree? You can also use smokes as a distraction and not change your position for ultimate confusion.

b) People complain about those scenarios where you cant do anything and are stuck with inevitable death? Maybe a smoke combined with a few flashes can bail you out and give you the edge

c) Endgame is no longer just about people hiding behind trees until radiation forces them further into each other, you can actually get more proactive



Integrating Smokes is not too much effort and you can try that for something like a weekend event at least. I can totally see this work and help the game mode a lot with little effort (and thats what you want right xD)

Just make sure that there is not too many as it would turn endgame into a literal Holi Color festival :D


Hugs :3

Sir Lauchington Boy

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