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Survival rework

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Been playing the survival on here for a while now, and I must say. It really fails to give me the intensity and excitement the old war z did.

I think that can change though, so heres some ideas.

1) Make scars, imi-tar, honeybadgers and sigs more rare.

2) Remove crafting materials.. This was never a popular thing, and the devs got absolute shat on back when they implemented it. 

3) Since removing crafting materials would lead to a lot less overall loot, adding more Mags, food, water, barricades and meds over all would be a good stand-in.

4) Removal or limited lockboxes per player. Lockboxes didnt really make the game better, it only made people travel around the map less. With bustops implemented I see little to no need  

for these boxes to be around. Seeing clans camping with snipers around their lockboxes makes me puke, and is really just simply boring. I know that removal of them might be far fetched but thats just my opinion on them.

5) Skins.. Having invisible backpacks and light sabers in a SURVIVAL game is just simply nonsense.. I'm not saying to remove the skins since they are 90% of the reason the game is still "alive", but removing them from the Survival mode would be such a big deal. I think we must go a bit back to vanilla days if you dont want survival to die out. 

6) Make jumping take tiny bit of stamina. It's so tiring to see groups of 5 camp at their lockers just constantly jumping around without ANY sort of punishment to such unbalanced tactics.


Please consider these options and/or make a poll in any case.

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Actually thanks to buffing loot/adding more content like crafting material etc,implementing clan system made survival more popped recently. A couple months ago max we could get wa like 30 players on the servers and now there are times when we have above 70. In my opinion DEVS are doing great and any limitations wont help at all. I know many people who love crafting system and I my self use it a loot when it comes to lockers/meds. Lockers are fine becauses thanks to these items aren't wasted on the ground and that makes people actually be able to get something out of pvp.

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