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Since last update, I´ve been thinking a lot in this game and its possibilities. Radiation zones are great but having them for about 10 minutes feels like not enough time to really enjoy them, specially when you are at the other side of the map. What i´m proposing is to keep this wandering radiation zones of 10 minutes and add an area / town / place 24/7 radiated, something like Chernobyl NPP or the city of Pripyat. There you can go and loot in any time, of course with gas mask and the empowered zombies to defeat. Could something like this be done? Scenario could have radiation waste and a toxic river, just a few ideas.

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I agree they should make radiation zones last longer as you said you cannot get to them often because they are so far from you on the map. They should also happen a little bit more often :D

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