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Game crashing/ disconnects

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This game has random crashing issues I haven't experienced in other games.

Alongside that note: zombies have dealt damage to me while I was lagged out.

Also, this game seems to be having some trouble with random disconnects that 9/10 times result in game crashing to desktop. (rarely does disconnection bring me back to the game screen).

I have crashed to desktop before and attempted to log in but it said my password was incorrect and that after the first try to log in it said "too many login attempts at this IP adress wait 10 minutes". This was rather agitating considering that #1 my game just crashed #2 my password was not at all incorrect #3 now I have to wait 10 minutes.

I have also seen a message say you must be logged into steam before opening this application or something like that. Right after my game crashed and I obviously typed in my steam password beforehand to start playing.

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This has been happening to my wife and I ALL night as well! I play through Steam, ans she plays from the downloaded game. It has became a REALLY annoying thing as of late. What's worse is the game blocked her for too many log in attempts, and it also locked our IP as well, therefor, I can not play until it unlocks for her!!!! This is TOTAL BS! We share an IP because we live together, but we are two separate people with two separate accounts!! This should NOT be occurring!!

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