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My last topic with suggestions

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Yeah, and then there's this "Survival Arena" that there's been lots of small talk about for over a year now. - It's not like we're expecting you guys to be able to add or provide all these things over 1 Patch, - All we want is just "SOMETHING", that we can look forward to, some proof of that you guys are actually taking ANYTHING into account AT ALL from these precious suggestions that ya'll want us to post here. We keep doing that, but doesn't really get anything back, other than a pad on the shoulders with words like "Don't worry guys, there's plans ahead".

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I think that 1 and 9 are the easier to make, 

Id like to include some easy to make ideas,

- Weapon rebalance:

The way that 90% of the guns perform is "crappy" (sorry for the word). Why?, Nowdays you do not have to pick a gun an get familiar with it, you just need to choose one based in the stats. Then you realize that the Redstalker is overpowered.

I remember those days when i killed geared guys with a kruger rifle because it was accurate and had no recoil.

-A rebalance to the weapon attachments.

A bit of me: I spent 2 years in the army repairing and refurbishing guns and i use to work on a gunshop selling and modifing weapons.

You can reduce recoil in many ways but, there is no mod that can reduce "bullet spread" except from barrel and internal modifications. Same with the effective range.

Why is this important?

Just put a laser, compact scope, silencer and a forward grip to a redstalker and you will be able to perform a 5 headshot burst ( this turns very annoying when you are rushing campers armed this way) You do not need to be good shooting and calculating spread, you just need to aim fast.  Same applies to the mosin and all snipers. It is a straight shot with bullet drop.

Once improved you will think twice about aiming to the head instead of going to a much probable target like the body on long range encounters.

-Weapon Jam:

Yes, having a slight chance that your weapon jam on pvp and you have to reload. ( this will give you some intense feelings :) )

Example: Some guns perform better, some deal a higher damage or have less spread but have a higher probability to jam.





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On 12/30/2018 at 6:03 PM, Arowsky said:

Since i didnt get any reply on discord, Im posting it here and its literally the last time when i do this.

1. Clans. Just wanted to ask if there is any chance we are gonna get this in survival? People will like that since almost everyone is playing in a bigger group and it doesn't really make a difference for solo players since there are 5-man group limits anyway.(edytowane)Its just annoying to add people to the group all the time. I know it was supposed to be like that, to make it harder, but it actually makes people pissed.
And clans in survival, overall, would be a nice addition and we could finally unify in some way instead of putting our clan tags in front of our names
2. Also, adding some new skills to the skill tree would be awesome, both for pvp and pve players(edytowane)
3. Some new missions (for pvp players as well) with actually good prices (like stanags, meds, armor etc)(edytowane)
4. Redesigning or changing some popular cities (Clearview, Smallville, Campos City, Airport). Even just a little bit would make a difference and would add a fresh feeling to the game(edytowane)
5. Adding few new cities or hidden spots around the map with good loot(edytowane)
6. Adding stuff from open world (new snipers, as-val, ak-15, hunter backpack (with changed stats ofc)) or some new weapons or gear that people would enjoy looting.(edytowane)
7. (Findable) airdrop callers (with survival gear crates for example or anything else related to survival)(edytowane)
8. Make weekly mini events, I have an idea for this one; I call it "conflict zone"-(of the week), each week a different place/town/village on the map looks different than it use to, add more obstacles, tipped vehicles, smoke, fire, in short- make it look like a recent battlefield. Add better loot and a super zombie if not already there, for that week. Make it interesting to visit AND pvp at, - A different place every week. (Or why not make it, so that open world items can only be dropped from super zombies at current conflict zones) ?! - That will attract every more people.
9. Add survival currency, so people could trade for that instead of GD. It would make pve more attractive and would cause no scam at all. Or just add trading system to survival as well.(edytowane)
10. Rework the rep system (Survival isn't like Open World, decrease the ammount of rep you need for each rank
First 7 or 8 points are easy to make and are kinda needed if you guys want to #MakeSurvivalGreatAgain

I dont think thats hard to add new skills or weapons or redesigning some cities to make it more fun and give it some refreshment

Also point 9 and 10 are really important.

I took those suggestion from friends and people playing survival so its basically most of the community speaking here.
If you wanna give us something good, consider what i wrote

Good that you actually posted this on the forums as other people can comment too now! Didn't get to reply to you earlier due Christmas / New Year's etc. and didn't want to give you back some shitty quick reply as I wanted to read this through properly!

Either way, Let met get back into each point individually:

1. Clans - To be honest I only had / have one argument against this: there is also a lot of people who don't want this. Either way at this point I think; "Why not just add clans". Good point. I have written this down and will bring this up to the rest of the team at next upcoming meeting.

2. Skill Tree - I fully agree here. Been pushing Fred for almost a year now to extend the skill tree. I can't say more than that I would personally LOVE to see some additions to the skill tree. Besides that, there is some "simpler" stuff we can do that shouldn't take much time in development. Also this I have written down and will bring up in next upcoming meeting with the rest of the guys. The nice part about this is that we can implement this also in Open World so we catch two flies at once!

3. What would you suggest here? Maybe make a separate thread with ideas? I'd love to get something like this done and this is actually something I can personally make sure to happen. Let's make a separate thread and discuss further ideas there?

4. I agree. Suppose you are talking here about Colorado V2. I am pretty sure I get your idea but would it be possible you could share some further ideas in more advance? Let's make this happen. We wanted to keep this Colorado "Legacy" but at this point, considering all the other stuff we did / things turned out in, it's probably better for players if we actually make this map more interesting as well. Good point.

5. I see this point is quite similar to point #4 so let's just sum this answer up with that one!

6. Something related to this point is coming in upcoming patch actually. I want to add more, but not sure yet what would fit exactly in terms of statistics of for example a weapon. Also regarding this I would really suggest making a separate thread per individual item, discuss with people how players suppose to achieve it, and I'll jump in from there. This exact example has happened with X item and I have now prepared that to be released in Survival for upcoming patch!

7. Funny. We have actually been discussing different types of airdrops, perhaps with heli's and changing the model and behavior in the team already. I really like this idea, in the end it would be some amount of work to do. However, if you compare this with for example; radiation zones with radiated zombies etc. (just an example) I'd like to get something like that done better (for now) as we already have airdrops and this would be more of a unique thing. You get what I mean right?

8. I love this. To be honest it shouldn't be weekly things but more, just like airdrops, random appearing dynamic events that happen on a server. This gives player more to do. "Oh hey! Boulder has an outbreak! Let's try to loot it". "Oh what! A helicopter just crashed at Norad, let's loot it!" and stuff like this. Adding more dynamic events is one major thing we have been meaning to work on for a very long time. I see this as a good reminder to ask the rest what's up and see if we can continue with this. Noted.

9. Yep. Can't agree more. We have talked about it more thoroughly recently so I'd say it has a good chance to come very soon although I don't want to make any promises. At this moment I simply don't know yet / what exactly is going on. I am doing all I can to push this through as fast as possible cause Survival really needs this. I can't agree more with you here. Just want you, and the rest to know that I am doing everything in my power here. Hope you understand.

10. Also agree. Damn, it sounds odd that I say everything is a good idea but I really mean it! Just so you know. Either way, the skill tree needs to be extended ASAP in Survival. Already been so much people pointing this out / asking for this. This is noted and i'll bring this up in upcoming meeting as well. Same answer as on point #9 pretty much.

I actually think all your points are very valid and important. Thanks once again for taking the time to write this.

I am doing everything in my power to make Survival a better game mode, and push more updates related to this game-mode out. I completely 1000% understand you guys.

Hope my answers give better insight.


Happy New Year btw. Best wishes ;)


Best Regards,



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HELL NO I'm not gonna let Arowsky run with all the creds for this list, this list was worked out by everybody in our community, Arowsky, SurZeus, Muhammed, me, many more... xD

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