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You also need to fix many loot points.For example, in many cities in the fire stations spawn rifles,lot's of armors.On ambulances you can find guns(I saw it in Frosty Pines-Colorado V1).You can find heavy weapons(RPK,PKM etc.) on different civilian vehicles.And it is around all map.You have to fix it.

-On the farms you can find weapons(Uzi,P226,Fn SCAR,ammo for these guns,sometimes m4's or m16's).On farms must spawn krugers, colts, mosins, mossbergs, food, various melee weapons and crafting elements.

-Cities must have less military loot.The police stations should spawn M16, M4 semi,mossberg,maybe AK-74,Jericho, B92,ammo,MTV's, medium body armor's, civilian night vision and various helmets.The rest of the military loot should spawn only at military bases or military points.

-I think that night vision should spawn less often.

-I think that heavy weapons(PKM's,M249,MG36 and RPK) should spawn less often too.

-It seems to me that you need to remove the melee weapon from the character's leg.It looks strange because the weapon is hanging in the air and it is not attached to anything.Remove or add it to the character's back.

-If you still add zombies with armor, you can make them doubly resilient.For example hatchet kills zombies with 2 hits to the head, but zombies with armor will die from 4 hits etc.

-After turning off the night vision, many windows of buildings are light up as well as car windows.After some time disappears.

-I asked for a long time, but why do not you add more things from the open world. (Helmets, some other weapons, etc.)

Thanks for attention!

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