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Add a Tyrant to Survival!

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I used to Play ISS World and they had a Tyrant Super Zombie wich was a giant

He used to get killed by 600 PKM bullets to his Body.

And he was found in caliwood Stadium, also lets add him to a secret spot in Colorado Survivals in a forest!

Make him only spawn if there are 20+ People on the Sever, so People have to fight other Players while killing that Tyrant

Give him 4 Drops instead of 2 so it will be worth it to kill him.

Make him respawn all 1 Hour

Survival only for that Tyrant,


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23 hours ago, Steve Ecke said:

I like the idea but we are not able to use the same zombie what you mean from the other game since we don't own them. We are actually have some seperate created zombies which are in progress.

In Infestation TH and Infestation World they used to get the same Zombie in yeah just copy those stats like have to get killed with more than 500 bullets and u know make him big or fat like a TANK or a BOOMER from L4D2 that would be soo great A big and rly slow Zombie or a Bigger Version of the SZ and more deadly

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