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Looking for a causual chill clan!

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My names Greg, I'm 18 and I'm a returning player just looking for a casual clan to play with some fellers since I see everyone in the game runs around with like 3+ people so its hard playing solo a lot. I have a working mic, I have almost 200 total hours in the game, I have a big GI, I don't have many kills but I surely can pvp, not the best sniper, but ive played thousands of hours of all kinds of pc games so I can be self sufficient and communicative in combat. I don't care about loot Id love to share just looking for some chill guys. I see a lot of these clans have lots and lots of requirements such as hours played and what not. I'm just simply looking for a laid back chill clan where people come on during free time and what not to play some newz together that's all lol If your a laid back chill clan please do respond id love to join!!!!!!

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