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sniper bullet drop

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The above chart shows the damage ratings for every sniper in the game. Thanks for posting that @ElChupacabra. To become more accustom to each weapon I suggest you play on a PVE server till you feel comfortable with your aim. It's a good training ground. That way you can make the necessary adjustments to your aim. You can check the stats of each weapon for damage rating and drop rate.

The use of either a Tactical or Range Finder set of binoculars will help some with judging the drop rate. This rate varies slightly with each weapon used. The same holds true for all other weapons. The best advice I can give is try each weapon and get comfortable with it. I suggested a PVE server because you don't have to worry if someone else is going to shoot you first. The drop rates are the same for all servers. The three P's of being a great marksman are, PRACTICE... PRACTICE... PRACTICE.

Good luck and Have a Nice Day!!! B|

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