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Can you guys add more Items and Mission also craft items?

Add a Bow (craft)

Add a Leather Mask (craft)

Add Ingame Money ofc (I know u are planning on doing it)

Add spawnable cars (But make them as rare as snipers, so People wont complain about getting stucked in them cuz they will only drive on the road(streets) for not getting their car broke) But make this car pleas unbreakable but u have to add gasoline.

Add a Mountain Bike

Add a Tyran Zombie (Takes ~600 PKM Bullets to get down)

Add Zombies which are harder to kill (4 headshots with katana on head and 2 bullets 9mm but only 1 bullet for stanag weapons)

Add Clans so we can finaly Play together without being in a Group or party

Just some ideas sure u can add ur wishes on here aswell!

Add 1 Caliwood Sever



Ps: The Loot on V1 is still too good the normal Colorado is decent! :)

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